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Volunteers trying to build skateparks in Portland

Cover Pier

Portland Skatepark Alliance mission is to create a comprehensive system of world-class public skateparks in Portland, Oregon.

Our vision is to make skateboarding safe and freely accessible to every skateboarder every day for everybody’s benefit.

Portland Skatepark Alliance is a non-profit corporation, tax exempt pursuant to 501(c)(3) of the IRS code.

Board of Directors:
Mark Conahan
Bryce Kanights
Colin Sharp


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75 Responses to “COMING SOON”

  1. melodie Says:

    why on earth is there no covered skatepark in one of the rainiest places in america?

  2. hillary eichinger Says:

    that is exactly what i have been wondering for years. in one of the rainiest states in the U.S. we dont have any fun indoors activities. an indorr skate park for portland would be fantastic. not only for the local skaters but for the youth of portland who with lack of something better to do, get into trouble. i would be totaly willing to help get an indoor skatepark running for oregon youth!!!!

  3. Sloane Says:

    Why cover Pier? I agree we need a covered park, but not Pier. It is in an isolated part of town, and not easily accesible from public transportation. Also, the majority of the park is a giant bowl that most skaters in Portland don’t even skate. I would estimate less than 100 Portland residents session the fullpipe regularly. You guys should work on building and covering a centrally located park that has more diverse terrain. If people are hyped on Glenhaven, you guys need to push to cover that instead.

  4. Justin Says:

    What about love for local businesses like DOS? Dept. is covered, it may not be free, but it’s a safe place to hang out, not to mention that it also has a staff on site. I still love the idea of covering a park, perhaps similar to lincoln city’s cover.

  5. rigormortis Says:

    DOS is geekin it. we need some covered crete.

  6. Justin Says:

    geekin it? What exactly is that???

    I wasn’t against covering a concrete park. I was just saying the portland is not without a covered park. You should be so grateful, I have to drive 2-3 hours on rainy days.

  7. Justin Says:

    justin your an idiot

  8. ryley j Says:

    dont cover pier,

  9. Justin Says:

    *you’re an idiot…learn to spell.

  10. justin Says:

    cover pier and all of the other skateparks in oregon as well oregon needs more cover on there skate parks

  11. tarl Says:

    cover pier

  12. shane Says:

    cover it

  13. blake Says:

    cover them all

  14. blake Says:

    hell yeah do it do it do it

  15. mark.conahan Says:

    We have had a lot of wet days lately. We definitely need some indoor ’crete. C’mon, we’re jonesing!

  16. matt Says:

    I just don’t understan how these builders can have such a great understanding of transition, but can not get a fucking clue when it comes to concrete street sections.

  17. old dude Says:

    I like to skate outdoors. Any skatepark inside has to be monitored. Just covering a park won’t keep the rain out. We need a greenhouse type structure so that you can get the sense of skating outside but still stay dry when it rains. I think that this would be the solution to having a public skatepark inside without having to monitor it. Think outside the box and you may end up with something better than everything that has been done already. Maybe we could get a airplane hanger donated and relocated to a public skatepark! Keep up the good work everybody!

  18. Matt shoebottom Says:

    Dont cover pier park Its not worth it. Save that money tell all the parks are built then decide witch one to cover. Peir would be the worst park to cover. Waste of money hands down.

  19. unicorn Says:


  20. escondida_vida Says:

    dude, old dude that would be sick…you totally got me thinking out of the box about making the skate park into a means of sustainability, you could plant flowers on the roof and have a community garden or something, but keep the graffiti and the urban flow to it, totally keep the art work of the skateparks it could complete the circle nicely bringing together the community, the skaters and the idea of looking out for oneonther, i love the feeling of skateboarding!

  21. aaron Says:

    there’s already 3 covered parks in portland and like 10 throughout the whole state

  22. matt Says:

    yeah but burnside isnt even supposed to be there. dos you still have to pay for and is really limited. everything is small and boring.

  23. Word. Says:

    DOS! covered. Rad.
    Pier. Dont cover!
    why cover a concrete park?
    espescially one like pier.
    its good and all. great even.
    but why cover it?

  24. Muerto Says:

    Corvallis park is partly covered by the overpass, and that strip remains dry even in harsh rain. Simply covering a park might not keep it 100% dry, but it is good enough.

    Department is cool, if you are sponsored and can get in after hours, otherwise you’re fighting with all the other skaters who are all stressed about the rain. Not to mention it’s pretty spendy.

  25. Gabe Says:

    Cover Glenhaven. Sick sick sick.

  26. Hiedi Says:

    Clatskanie is an ok course that is covered in like a hanger type arch tent over it. It stays pretty dry during the rain and snow!!!
    We went there a couple times this last winter and had fun. Its about an hour drive from Portland.
    Check it out sometime on the way to the beach.

  27. Tom Miller Says:

    SPS is committed to seeing public skateparks covered and lighted because skateboarding should be freely accessible to all throughout the year. DOS is a great spot and an important contribution to the local skate scene, but of course it’s not free. (For the record, the DOS crew has always actively supported SPS, for which we have always been thankful.)

    When the city’s skatepark committee was active – and I was a member – there was unanimous agreement among membership that one skatepark in each of the five sections of town (N, NW, NE, SE, SW) should be covered and lighted for year-round access. It’s important to remember that skaters comprised a minority of committee membership. The majority were non-skaters who represented neighborhood interests. They came to understand the value of freely-accessible skateboarding year-round.

    As for covering Pier vs. Glenhaven, etc. obviously everybody will have an opinion. Per the committee’s recommendation, the plan should be to cover and light both. But that will take motivation at Parks and City Council that currently does not exist. Frankly, the skate community (you) needs to articulate the need for a year-round accessible facility to get the first one done.

    In the near-term, SPS is probably inclined to support covering Glenhaven first because, as noted in earlier comments, it is more centrally located – and thus more accessible to more skaters – than Pier. The fact that fewer people skate the big walls and full pipe is not a compelling argument; everybody should have access to skate all types of terrain.

    History is pretty clear that skaters skate what is available. To argue over distinct types of terrain is an incredible luxury any skater over 25 can hardly fathom since the older set, as groms, was forced to skate curbs, ditches, DIY jump ramps, literally anything. The Pier locals who had previously never even seen a skateable full pipe are now in there making turns beyond vert. It’s their neighborhood park and I guarantee Pier will produce some vert rippers. Most skatepark veterans call Pier’s big bowl the best big bowl in the country. It’s all skateboarding, it’s all good, and all types of terrain should be freely accessible to skate all year. That’s what SPS stands for.

  28. don Says:

    the new park is so tight but u cant get a run its so packed all day

  29. Farvah Says:

    You know what, fine….Cover a few parks..

    Then Nuke the gresham park off this
    shitpiss, we call earth.

  30. Vinnie Says:

    Hopefully Dreamland gets the bids on the park designs with good street sections. They did a really good job on the street section at Battle ground. More skate parks need to be like that one with bigger street items and just as smooth.

  31. Ric Widenor Says:

    Tom Miller Said: “History is pretty clear that skaters skate what is available. To argue over distinct types of terrain is an incredible luxury any skater over 25 can hardly fathom since the older set, as groms, was forced to skate curbs, ditches, DIY jump ramps, literally anything.”

    Well-said, Tom!

  32. Skaterboyz Says:

    Hello our name is the boyz ….I’m from Minneapolis MN….But We attend Chemawa boarding school….And we was wondering if u knew any place in Portland that would donate any ramps or anything unused anymore……that we skaterz can use….We Live for skating!!! We would really appreciate it if u would show or donate anything!

    Thank you!
    Sincerely the skater boyz

  33. Ashley Taylor Says:

    The Northwest is one of the wettest, coldest and allergy infested areas in the United States. We have covered and indoor parks for every other sport… The Rose Garden for basketball and football… high school gyms… gymnastic arenas…. etc… WHY IS THERE NOT A COVERED SKATEPARK IN PORTLAND???? This is ridiculous. People in Portland always carry an umbrella…. why not help the kids out and give them a permanent umbrella to skate under. Show them that they’re doing something good and you appreciate it. Instead of them vandalizing, stealing, skipping school or doing drugs they’re skating and learning to control their movement and behavior with friends… reward them for doing good.

  34. Chris Says:

    Pier Park is pretty much all bowls. We should cover a park thats got street stuff. Plus pier just sucks anyway, dont cover it cover something else.

  35. JUSTIN Says:

    Hey Chris…

    Why would you say Pier Sucks. That is dumb. Your just like the rest of the kids that are complaining about the parks they are putting in. What you cant skate tranny? Well you better learn because it is taking over the world. HAHAHAHAHAH………

  36. Brandon Says:

    You guys know about dept. right? I mean you have to pay but w/e.

  37. Little banks Says:

    how bout we cover pier because its not used! why spend money on a park thats always dead! cover pier so people will go there! maybe it would give pier a bigger population! COVER PIER

  38. brandon Says:

    well i think if somebody covers any skatepark we would be really lucky. but for all you portlanders complaining “oh yea we have a covered park but its wood we need concrete” for one dont be a spoiled skater, and 2 we do have a covered concrete skatepark that portland skaters made along time ago, burnside skatepark.
    but if someone was to cover a park i think it should be glenhaven because glenhaven has the widest variety of things to skate where as pier is mostly vert.

  39. jared Says:

    we need a skatepark for parkrose high school

  40. matt Says:

    copy bonser park (canada) and put it at parkrose high

  41. dill Says:

    why dont you all consider convering all the parks. then everyone will be happy, no problems, no wetness, more skating, more shredding. lights under the covers as well, then you can skate 24/7 365. thats what im talking about.

  42. D. ""old bones" Matthews Says:

    I am a skater from So Cal of the late 70’s and I am very impressed with what OR has done to bring back the parks.Nothing can ever compare to the parks we had then but that was a different time and place, Now as far as covering a park, it is the most practical thing to do but I think we should look at some thing that is not fixed into place, maybe retraclable or removeable. On a side note the youth need to realize that its a privilege to have these parks and it pisses me off when I see these punks throwing there trash and crap all over the place, I spend a good amount of time cleaning before I skate my park ( glenhaven) as do a few others so do your part and put it where it belongs be fore you lose it like other states have done like in Utah because the got tired of spending money for the clean up.

  43. Michael Davis Says:


  44. Krayzie Says:

    Covering Pier would be sick! DOS is wack though, Im a blader and last time I checked they only let bladers in at certain times and days. Pier Park is sick though, I went for the first time since they remade it like 3 weeks ago and loved it. The street course is hella sexy.

  45. danbearpig Says:


  46. rocco Says:

    i dont see the point in covering pier, its way deep.

    i would say cover half of glenhaven, because it is nice to skate in the sun when its nice out, so if they threw a cover over the medium bowl and the tight wall it would be ideal.

  47. D Says:

    I need to find a way to cover up Astoria Park, i mean theres no covered parks close to me up here…

  48. Cris Says:

    Glenhaven needs cover. It the best in Portland. And I agree with ^^^^^

  49. juestin weesner Says:

    I know lots of people who would got to a skate park at Berry dale . It would be the perfect palce to put a covered skate park at because there are already trees there and it would not be hard to poot one in. plus i know so many people who want on there and would be willing to help build or anything!!

  50. gabriel abers Says:

    for all the people saying be thankful because the people back in the day had to skate everything DIY…… FUCK YOU. this isnt 1970 anymore. if the city doesnt want to cover parks or help, then they can count on more thrashed ledges and rails.
    MAKE A COVERED STREET PARK COURSE. there is no awesome street course park in portland. some are ok, but none are awesome.

  51. gabriel abers Says:

    for you people wanting a partial cover???? are you dumb?
    there is too much rain with wind, that would never work. use some common sense. it either has to be all or nothing with some walls to keep the wind from bringing water in.

  52. jim Says:

    what about skatechurch? dos? And lucky seven? All covered and safe, may not be free but still way worth it!

  53. Matt the Ripper Says:

    Build and cover a park in NE. The Dept. is all good except the fact that it costs! We need a covered skatepark in NE. Actually we need a skatepark anyway so why not build one near the Rose Garden that’s easily accessible by MAX and Bus.

  54. Matt the Ripper Says:

    Oh and some lights on it. Also NO COPS and no helmet requirement!

  55. kody Says:

    cover it
    make somthing scooters are allowed on we are sick of driving for 2 hours looking for a park were scooters are allowed we dont harm the park we are just like the skaters

  56. tyler Says:

    find a warehouse that is not being used and put fill it full of concrete pieces

  57. Dillon Says:

    Yeah not just scooter friendly, but bikes and rollerblades too. I’d have to say that rain wind and light are the least of my concerns. With the money I spend on tickets I could have built my own privet skatepark. I’m tired of being descriminated aginst becuase I have my own sport. Soupport everyone not the sisters, they have been baby’ed too long. Resonal rules like no pegs makes sense. But banning it just becuase were bigger and destroy things easy’er is rediclicious. But cover any park you feel nessesary.

  58. Sebastien Says:

    Cover Ed Ben!

  59. curtis Says:


    covering pier is not the solution. we need to be more creative. a ‘crete design that is meant to be covered and is not an after thought. an integration of architecture, light, concrete, and skateboarding. pier has its own character, that in some respects would be lost if covered. its back to drawing boards on this one ladies and gents, we need integrative design here!

  60. shorty Says:

    we do for sure need a covered park pier come on if were going to cover pier then why dont we just cover all parks or dont cover pier and cover somewhere that we can ride the bus to i have only skated pier 4 times because its so far in the middle of nowhere i have no way to get there give the skaters what they need a place to kick back and and enjoy some gnar shredin where we are not going to get soaked and ruin our skates

  61. riley Says:

    redondo beach california needs a skate park

  62. woodman skate comm Says:

    what u guys whining about covering portland gettin 19 parks salem has one shitty park but where happy to be on r way to getting a new one cover is one of r proposed phases

  63. BMXer guy Says:

    Portland needs a covered park that is free and allows bikes. it really sucks waiting around all winter for it to dry up. we live in freaking Portland and no one has a covered park that everyone can go to. I think Glenhaven is the best idea for covering. i like it better because it has more to ride. bowls are lame. And don’t get on me for not skating, i just like bikes better, and i do skate too

  64. JP Says:


  65. Chris Says:

    I think that they should build a indoor skatepark that’s free. A street park with Manny pads, little and big sets, Snake, Definately a pyramid.

  66. Corey Says:

    We need a covered park like the old Skate barn that was a sick park with a back wall from this years Tampa Pro that would be fun…..oh and of course Free of cost

  67. jg Says:

    I’m a pier local and personally I think covering it would ruin the big bowl in the summer, seems like it would make the bowl all dark unless you had a good light setup which would cost more money. the pipe itself is skateable any day of the week you just have to go down with a t-shirt or towel sometimes. Personally if I had my way they would just cover the medium bowl instead of the whole park. An indoor free concrete park would be ideal in the winter, but their are plenty of private ramps around to be skated…

  68. Marco Says:

    Hello there!
    I’m from Italy and I’m planning to come to Portland this year for a 2-week skate trip.
    I spent lot of time on internet checking out what town in the world should fit my best skate-trip ever made and .. yes , Portland wins !
    So, please, can someone suggest what month should be the best to come there ?
    since this trip will cost a lot , I’m trying to find the best conditions.
    ( I would like to avoid 2 weeks of raining )
    I was thinking of May/June .. because flights are way lower than in July/August..
    But, can someone please advise on that ?
    Many thanks !

  69. aaron Says:

    yea come in early june so the kids will still be in school (empty skateparks) and the weather will be good.

  70. Nate Says:

    4 years of discussion…how do we make this happen? An indoor skatepark in portland just closed down. Vancouver’s indoor park is struggling. Skaters need a place to skate year around! A free indoor park would be sick but nothing in life is free. Are skaters willing to pay for an indoor park, cuz the city won’t. What’s a reasonable price to pay for a few hours of skate?

  71. BeavertonSkater Says:

    for everybody saying”Don’t cover Pier, don’t do it,” you guys need to loosee up, yeah not everybody likes pier but at least they’re covering another park

  72. Sinead Says:

    In the research phase of developing a private indoor park – I wanted to get some opinions on what everyone thinks – ideas? Maybe what people think is a reasonable price to skate? Throw me some ideas! Thanks!

  73. scott turner Says:

    would like to help what can I do. please contact me

  74. Josh Says:

    There is some indoor skate parks you just have to look for them, the best one is at Glisan 90th come to its called skatechurch you should go there, its so frikken RAD.

  75. Michael Says:

    I just moved here. I thought I saw a rec center in Troutdale that gave hints of having an indoor park. Did there used to be one there?

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