Volunteers trying to build skateparks in Portland » 19: PORTLAND’S SKATEPARK MASTER PLAN

Volunteers trying to build skateparks in Portland

Cover Pier

Portland Skatepark Alliance mission is to create a comprehensive system of world-class public skateparks in Portland, Oregon.

Our vision is to make skateboarding safe and freely accessible to every skateboarder every day for everybody’s benefit.

Portland Skatepark Alliance is a non-profit corporation, tax exempt pursuant to 501(c)(3) of the IRS code.

Board of Directors:
Mark Conahan
Bryce Kanights
Colin Sharp


Portland is, to our knowledge, the first city in the world to have a comprehensive master plan for skateboard park development. Passed by city council ordinance on August 3, 2005, the plan recommends 3 types of skateparks — 19 in total — 13 neighborhood skate spots, 5 district-wide skateparks, and one central city anchor park.

SPS conceived of and advocated for the plan to Portland Parks & Recreation. It was adopted by Parks’ skatepark advisory committee, carefully applied to existing park sites over a 24-month planning and public input period, and ultimately supported by Portland’s five elected officials, its city council. The idea for a skatepark master plan is based on the idea that skateboarders deserve an appropriate scope of safe, well-designed facilities just like any other recreational activity.

A map of Portland’s proposed 19 skatepark system

Here are the 19 sites chosen by the Parks and Recreations skatepark siting study. Hold your cursor over the images to see the suggested square footage for each site. As of February 2009 Five skateparks have been completed and are open: Pier Park, Glenhaven, Holly Farm, Gabriel Park and Ed Benedict Park. Click on the images of the completed parks to go to a page about that park with a link to directions.


Kenton ParkPier ParkUniversity Park


Alberta ParkFernhill ParkGlenhaven Park
Parkrose High School


ODOT 405 sitesODOT Steel Bridge


Berrydale ParkBrentwood ParkEd Benedict
Lents ParkPowell ParkVentura Park
Westmoreland ParkWoodstock Park


Gabriel ParkHolly Farm Park


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  2. Paul Perales Says:

    Powell Park… anything close in… riverside… covered and lighted… big with some variety… PLEASE?????

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  4. bobido Says:

    lets make it happen with big things lets make street spots and some skateparks all over portland lets make history for skateboarding and put p-town on the map!

  5. -Pod- Says:

    Skateable street plaza shoould be in the mix for all the street ratz to get gnarly on!! Oh ya, dont forget about the wallrides. Instead of tranie surrounding the place, how about various wallrides!Just an idea! -Pod-

  6. -Pod- Says:

    How about a street plaza for all the street ratz surrounded by various different wallrides!? We all could get gnarly with this!

  7. Wallig Says:

    How about removing the skate stoppers from the East Waterfront. Then itd be like 19 and half spots. And they wouldnt even have to build a giant bowl or an over vert capsul. just unscrew some bolts and throw some nobs away. Shit dream land might not even need to be hired to do this job. Even though if they did get hired theyd leave the caps on and just build transitions up to the ledges. and then dig out a hole for a gnar gnar kidney bowl or something.

  8. G Says:


  9. Justin Says:

    what are the plans for the park after glenhaven? anyone know?

  10. ryley j Says:


  11. Matt shoebottom Says:

    Holly farm park!!! whats the plan for that tranny? I hope not keep it crazy and unique.

  12. Crackers United » PDX in PIX Says:

    […] Just got back from a week long trip to Portland Oregon, including a jaunt to Mt. Hood and the historic Timberline Lodge.  I love this City, not only because they have a great music scene, but because of the creative energy happening here.  So much art and culture for such a small town.  Also, Portland is progressive.  They are light years beyond other cities in green design and the only city in the world to have a skatepark master plan.  They have signs downtown for skateboarding-approved lanes for Christ’s sake!  And if you don’t bike here, you’re a freak.  Just about every street has a bike lane and cars seem to be the outnumbered here.   More pictures after the jump. […]

  13. jack Says:

    Quit complaining. You guys have amazing skateparks all over there so dont be complaining that you dont have a street plaza. Who cares about that when everyone of these amazing parks have street areas for you guys to skate. And if theres only transition,maybe you might want to try to skate it for once. I understand making some of the parks exclusively street plazas, but I hope all lot of them are gnarly bowls. I have been to your city many many times and love the atmosphere and skateparks. People who live here need to appreicate what you have and what your about to have. Where I live there is only one thing to skate and that is one giant bowl. I cherish every time I go.

  14. qc Says:

    make kenton park with alot of hips and lots of vert and hve good street banks and variety

  15. woah Says:

    i need to go out west. why cant this happen in upstate ny?

  16. skatin nick Says:

    lets get those started we need more spots to hit up. im sick of gettin kicked out of everywere.

  17. Yan Says:

    u guys should build a skatepark at Reymond park, if there was one there that would be really cool because there are a lot of sk8ers there

  18. Clevelander Says:

    For those complaining, keep in mind that in your city, The Best skatepark builders in the world are competting to build 19 different skateparks in your town. This blows me away. Here in the city of cleveland we have one skatepark, that skatepark is made by skatewave and lets say its probably the worst skatepark in ohio. Ive been to portland once, skated all the famous oregon parks and the best ones wee in your area. Im sure that you will get street plazas I mean theres 19 parks for god sake. Im just saying if Dreamland, Airspeed, PTR and Grindline were competting to build 19 different parks in my town i would probably cry.

  19. Justin Says:


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  21. paul Says:

    Where can we see the city’s plan for all the parks? I am interested to see when each park is planned to open?


  22. Jordan Says:


  23. POPEYE Says:


  24. Martin Says:

    get done with North parks first, like alberta, kenton and fernhill theres alot of skaters out there that have to travel all the way to pier and glenhaven. no one skates in SE…

  25. SAUCYYODA Says:

    why not build the woodstock park next? no parks have been built in the southeast yet and woodstock is the biggest park going to be built in the south east – 10,000. lots of people skate the southeast. the southeast includes all of hawthorne, belmont, clinton, division, and woodstock area. yeah so that right there tells it all

  26. Chris Says:

    Street skate plaza hell yeah!!!!

  27. Matt Says:

    We need more big and fast parks. If you want to skate street go skate street. The northwest is known for burly fast parks, keep em coming.

  28. enjoi boy Says:

    i agree about building a park in the southeast but i say in brent wood cause its only a 15 minute skate from my house and i have no where to skate accept some crapy spots around my house

  29. Skate and Annoy » Archive » Stacking the deck Says:

    […] be a good idea to support a pro-skateboarding candidate. We still have a lot of work to do on the skatepark system and we don’t want the issue to be pushed to the back burner by regime […]

  30. bob Says:

    I like it when the parks are in a coverd area.

  31. bob Says:

    what about Burnside

  32. bob Says:

    have you made any skate plazas

  33. bob Says:

    have you thought about makeing a skate Park in Lakestevens WA I live rite there so…

  34. bob Says:

    do you skate

  35. bob Says:

    … If you made a park in lake stevens WA that would be hella sick like one witha huge launch ramp

  36. bob Says:

    there are tons of crazzy kids in the lake stevens area we usualy go to this half ass area that sucks type in snowhomish WA skatepark you will see me on roler blades doing a crazy line

  37. cole Says:

    Since when do 20 year olds automatically have kids are smoke weed? Whose to say 11 year olds don’t smoke. Why are 20 year olds who smoke and have kids abusive? I’m utterly confused and appalled by the prejudice displayed in POPEYE’s comment. oh give me street. un knob the east side waterfront and stop cutting the edges off sick ledges. Why the hell does the city keep cutting up my skate spots!! thats bull shit. the ledge at the civic on burnside got its edge cut off and the sick hubbas at the waterfront too at the memorial. That memorial was messed up anyway why cut the hubbas up!

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  39. bucky Says:

    all the parks should allow bikes and pegs

  40. jack putter Says:

    just skate dudes

  41. dylan Says:

    does anybody know the westmoreland or woodstock skateparks will be built? if anyone knows please reply.

  42. Tay Says:

    Why the fuck is it so hard for people to just build a fuckin street park.every fuckin park in oregon is already mostly vert if not all vert so why the fuck dont you dumb ass mother fuckers try buildin a street park.

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  44. billy Says:

    if you want a street park get off your ass and build it your self! us dumb ass mother fuckers are not going to build your dreams for you. if you want it, build it yourself with your own two hands.

  45. Jackson M Says:

    Portland kicks ass. and the guy that is saying to build parks in washington is a dumbass. this website is called skateportland.org for a reason

  46. travis Says:


    flat ramps!!! they could line the sides with street obstacles and put a wall ride at the bottom!

  47. travis Says:

    or maybe just a plaza with a ditch wrapped around it ending in a wall ride!!!

  48. larry Says:

    they have a covered park at cals pharmacy

  49. tim Says:

    people like tay are giving skaters a bad name
    last time some one called me a dumb ass mother fucker
    i dident build them a street park
    learn to be a real man

    what happend to us?

  50. hando Says:

    Just build at fernhill!

  51. trouble Says:

    you guys are so lucky, i live in a redneck town with no parks, not many side walks, and the township wants to chipseal a bunch of parking lots, skrew this town i’m coming up there for a while

  52. Spencer Crimin Says:

    Wanna see a magic trick? I call it “the crowd maker”…
    Find a flat open space, build 2 to 5 ledges, and throw in some trees and bushes.
    Make sure there’s a store or a taqueria near by, and there ya go…

  53. nick Says:

    dude…. wen is ed bennedict park open??? like they r almost done but i cant wait…. we need some street plazas!!! holly farm as such a waste except for the lil snake run but i think portland is more street…. ed bennedct is going to fu$%in rock

  54. juestin weesner Says:

    I would dpo anything if someone put a skate park at Berry dale!!! because there are a lot of skateboarders that live around Berry dale .
    And if the city put one askate park there it would be so much easyer for a lot of people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Skate and Annoy » Archive » Gentlemen, start your engines! Says:

    […] part of Portland’s 19 skatepark master plan, the Steel Bridge site was chosen for the main Regional Facility, or essentially, the destination […]

  56. T Reed Says:

    Yeah, quit bitchin’ portland. Why don’t you check out the Minneapolis master skate park plan, 3 parks, each the size of your bathroom.

  57. ismokechronic Says:

    the new addition to the tualitan hills park sucks, trannys are way too steep, the step up is impossible noone even hits it. ppl need to learn how to build parks its not all about features the park has to have a good flow to it or ppl just run into eachother its bullshit

  58. sk8 devilson Says:

    any word on what order they plan to build or secure funding for these 19 parks? is steel bridge next then, woodstock, etc…..whats determining the construction of these?

  59. daxbiatches Says:

    Who the truck says “enough tranny goddamnit” you live in the northwest kid… GO FAST!! “g-boy!

  60. billy coulon Says:

    Maybe lay off the chronic its hindering your judgement. Tualitan hills park (beaverton) so sick.

  61. Koepke Says:

    that’s it.
    i’m moving to Portland.

  62. Fredrick Zal Says:

    Congratulations to Grindline Skateparks Inc, DAO Architecture LLC, Lango Hansen Landscape Architecture PC, Kittelson & Associates Inc and Grummel Engineering LLC for winning the Steel Bridge Skatepark RFP!

  63. SKATE.Eug.OR Says:

    did they already start building powell park

  64. Martin Ellis Says:


    Is this some parallel universe?

    U guys got the best stuff there is – so jealous.

    Skatepark Master Plan – now that’s a plan.

  65. steezy Says:

    how about the parkrose one next?
    im down for sure

  66. larry Says:

    how about some actual transition in the parks so people can skate lines? NOT just a bunch of bowls. Quarter pipes and hips are what we need! DIVERSITY PLEASE

  67. zach Says:

    this whould be a HUGE favor. me and about thirty other kids live in a hillsboro/portland area called rock creek and its by a highschool called liberty. we neeed a skatepark bad! the closest one is tualitin or reedville its about a thirty minuite drive away from both. there are pretty crappy skate spots and the decent ones are full of security. rock creek has a tennis court, a soccer field, a golf course, a basketball court, and a football stadium but no skate park. me and all my friends are sick of these boring stupid spots and during the summer when we cant get a ride any where we have to skate to orenco max station (which is a bitch to do in the heat) so if you guys whould please just have a look into this. there is a couple perfect places to put one and we could all really use one

  68. mikeprom Says:

    they should make a skate park in Trenton park know one uses it

  69. Trevor Says:

    Guys portlands bmx scene is growing fast, me being one of the many bmxers in the portland area would really apprectiate a park dedicated to bmxers, cus ive seen many accidents with bikes and skateboards and i think the two shouldnt even be in the park at the same time, and i can tell all the skaters out there you arent going to get rid of bmxing and many of us will still come to a park that doesnt allow bikes. but this would also clear the bmx scene in many parks……and if you ask me this would be something good for both bmxers and skaters. isnt that what we ALL want is to have a fun good time just shreding the park learning new tricks and meating new people who ride or skate. i think we need a change , a big one

  70. Daniel C Says:

    Ferhill park would be sweet i want to get behind this.

  71. Jacob S-F Says:


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  73. rakata nasmrta Says:

    thets so stupid from his side doing it agean in front fleap so we can get it now ore later shown at the audience so stop it boy its not max station so u can get in

    P.S it needs time

  74. mark.conahan Says:

    Most of the skateparks in Portland are bikes allowed. Bike folks should organize and get a park or two built. It’s been done, Madras Oregon and Vancouver, Washington both had heavy advocacy from people who ride bikes.

  75. City Center Skatepark Gaining Momentum « Dynamic Spaces Says:

    […] skateboarders. Portland, Oregon has a decidedly skater-friendly reputation, with an ambitious plan for nineteen skateparks throughout the city. Eugene currently boasts five skateparks, with the first built in 1993 at […]

  76. Nick.ddd Says:

    Make it by ventura!! i live close to there. And make an all bike park!! pretty disappointed in edbenidict.

  77. Nick.ddd Says:

    Make the parks for biking to!!!!!!!!!!

  78. HHOO Says:

    ya, make the parks for biking not just skating

  79. Kelly Blum Says:


  80. Mike Says:

    Uh, your map doesn’t cover all of Portland. The city adopted a master plan for Parklane Park last year that includes a skate park. The park is off the eastern edge of the map you have here. We, Friends of Parklane Park, would love to build advocates for development of the skate park. This is a heavily residential area. A skate park would get great use.

  81. Sandra Says:

    BEWARE!! A ‘skate plaza’ was just built 30 yards from where I live. The noise is HELLISH. Do not do this in a residential neighborhood! You’ll only have to tear down the park.

  82. Skaters for Portland Skateparks » Blog Archive » Skatepark concepts? Says:

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  83. master blaster Says:

    I would like to see lents park be the next skatepark to be built because I ride bmx and the Ed Benedict park is not bike friendly for me or my kids the closest park is gay heaven which is always packed and not enough flow to much back and forth and side to side which makes for some close calls or crashes. And if not lents park then I would like to see woodstock park get built next because its a 10,000 sq.ft. area and hopefully more tranny and flow, less street but some. and maybe some where we could get a covered park cause right now the only park is burnside and I can’t go there when I want even though I’ve been going there for 12yrs now cleaning piss and spilled beer and sleeping bums,and bucketing water out of the bowls B-side Pride 4 life. So can we get a covered park some rainy day. Or atleast some plexyglass walls for the south side of B-side like they have for hockey then the rain might stay out alittle better and police could still see in.” MasterBlaster B-side local till death”

  84. Support Fernhill Park Skatepark « Earth Patrol Says:

    […] Fernhill Park Skatepark a reality. It’s time to build the next wave of parks as part of our 19 park system and there’s nothing like the present to start a dialog. So with that said, check out some […]

  85. scott Says:

    i would like to know if there are any meetings coming up that i could attend or if there is a schedule of mettings that sps could get to me, thank you

  86. Support Kenton Skatepark « Earth Patrol Says:

    […] know what they say about when the going gets tough. That’s right, the tough get going. The 19 skatepark plan is underfunded but that’s not going to stop skaters from organizing and doing what they can, […]

  87. Letters Home » Archive » Pier Park skate park Says:

    […] of skate parks. The 11,500-sq.-foot facility in North Portland’s Pier Park was the first in a planned 19-park system that covers every region of the city. Since it opened in 2006, four other parks have been […]

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    […] it seems that the Steel Bridge Skaterpark project has advanced at least to the “eye-candy” phase. The folks over at DAO […]

  89. travis Says:

    are all the fundings gone for the skateparks?? if they are not gone lets get that steel bridge going so we have something covered to skate in the winter. how can us skaters help out to get more fundings going for the steel bridge park?

  90. Peterson1 Says:

    We need a skate/bmxpark in Grant Park. Theres no skateparks around and its really bumming me and my friends out. Please bring a dirt jump track and a skatepark to Grant Park. Theres enough room and lots of people would use it!

  91. Johnson Paulson Says:

    Brookland Spot is the best!!!! Here’s some $.

  92. Sophia Maru Says:

    does anyone here think that sellwood needs a skatepark? this is for a school projest so please comment!

  93. Skate Karma Opportunities « Earth Patrol Says:

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  95. Amar Says:

    Street parks… one for each tranny park. That would be fair. Transition happens to be totally boring for about 40 percent of all skaters, 40 percent think street is boring and only about 20 percent have fun on everything. It’s like music… you wont find me listening to country, but there are just as many people who don’t dig Metal. Doesn’t mean skaters arent solid either, we are just different. The PNW needs to stop assuming we are all cool with tranny in our parks… also bikers don’t do street parks so its the best way to avoid those dudes.

  96. Allison Says:

    Any idea when the brentwood spot is gonna happen? That 3 blocks from me. :P

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