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Glenhaven poll – brick texture

Actual bricks are out because of expense. Costs have also skyrocketed on dyeing the concrete. But Dreamland did do a test on stamping a brick texture into the concrete of the banks. Word is it skated all right. This was a rough test and it’s a little well, rough. Finishing would be better if they go with it. What do you think? Would you prefer the fastest, smoothest surface possible or some simulation of brick banks or some combination? At lower right is the stamp used to texture the concrete.

16 Responses to “Glenhaven poll – brick texture”

  1. xavier Says:

    I think they should just go with smooth fast concret SPEED IS EVERYTHING

  2. colin Says:

    rough… you’ll adapt…and… i’ve got an idea… go faster!

  3. the dude Says:

    i think brick would be better it will give more a streat feel.

  4. another old man Says:

    some brick, some not brick – split it up, have fun with it. I love the sound of rolling around on bricks. Plus those grooves will fill nicely with skin and moss…?

  5. Rami Says:

    No stamp. Keep it clean.

  6. GregN Says:

    Well if the kids like street areas in skateparks I think the ‘bricks’ are a great idea. but what about just haveing them in specific areas … like a brick area (a square) that one could possibly ollie over, onto, manual over, etc?

  7. kilwag Says:

    Street proponents at Pier Park didn’t want the street area to look like a skate park. Stamped bricks might help accomplish that. I hear the need for speed though, how about just a section of stamped bricks?

  8. Nick Says:

    I think some of the brick would be cool. I would like to see the long section of bank near the bowls be stamped all the way, but I think the hip section should just stay smooth butta concrete. That way you can roll in from the top of the street course and bust some nice airs over that hip. Its got a nice steep lip on it like the b-side pyramid, should allow some hefty airs.

  9. D.T. Says:

    keep the brick stamp for the sound effect!. but it might be too late to angle them. that’s what these skateparks are missing. Color and sound; rough to super smooth and now it’s may not happen?? what about the color? An employee on site did’nt even know about the new 10k kicker from vans to make it a total of 20k. that should buy some dye,right? You can always fill in the cracks later.

  10. orezona Says:

    brick-ish banks all the way.
    Perfection is great and all, but sometimes the more rough around the edges something is to skate, the more fun it is. You might lose a little speed rolling over the stamped ‘crete, but probably not enough to blow a good line assuming you start out off of something that isn’t stamped.
    It’s a good solution to put some variety into a skatepark, and who doesn’t like variety?

  11. Dan Hughes Says:

    Stamped bricks don’t slow you down that much.

    Stamped bricks are used at Bonser (Burnaby, BC) and are popular.

  12. blt Says:

    Mix it up. Too perfect gets boring.

    There’s been some killer, well-known brick banks/planters etc. How about some replicas? THink those wouldn’t get ridden cause they were ‘too rough’?

  13. chompy Says:

    I agree with Nick about considering making the long bank completely/partially stamped with brick. Variety is the way to go.

  14. Welsh Pete Says:

    As much as I was excited about the brick banks, it seems to be more effort than its worth now with the stamping idea and all. Let’s face it bricks don’t make it more skateable. It is just a unique sensation. In saying that, maybe features like this are what is going to make Portland skateparks cutting edge.

  15. Nick Says:

    yeah the other thing I found that works well for stamped/brick is to place the bricks vertically in some sections. They have it that way at Vancouver BC plaza on the hip and it keeps you from losing too much speed (because you ride over less seams) and still has the sound effects. At the very least I would do it that way on the hip if its not just smooth crete.

    It would take more brick to make it that way, but if it is stamped crete, it takes no more material, just a different way of stamping.

  16. Justin Says:


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