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Volunteers trying to build skateparks in Portland

Skaters for Portland Skateparks mission is to create a comprehensive system of world-class public skateparks in Portland, Oregon.

Our vision is to make skateboarding safe and freely accessible to every skateboarder every day for everybody’s benefit.

Skaters for Portland Skateparks is a non-profit corporation, tax exempt pursuant to 501(c)(3) of the IRS code.

Board of Directors:
Colin Sharp
Bryce Kanights
Mark Conahan

Glenhaven Progress 12-03

peanut bowl deep end

MC went out to have a look at progress on Glenhaven this weekend. Both bowls are shaped and are getting ready for concrete.

4 Responses to “Glenhaven Progress 12-03”

  1. Martin Says:

    where is glenhaven

  2. mark.conahan Says:

    Glenhaven Park is at the corner of NE 82nd and NE Siskiyou Street adjacent to Madison High School in Portland.

  3. brandon marcin Says:

    yo we need a skatepark in down town hillsboro oregon me and my friends are ALWAYS geting kick out of placeis it sucks.also the only skate park arownd it is to fear to walk and some timez we can get a ride but the place has no good stairs or rails + there are two meany little kids on scooters,bike and skates that get in are way and on top of all that it is crowed not normal skate park crowed but REALY CROWED!!! so we are triying to get a skatepark going but we need some help! so E-mail me if you can help.


  4. Tim Says:

    ^ i agree with you brandon

    hillsboro should have another skate park but i heard they might have a indoor skatepark

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