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Volunteers trying to build skateparks in Portland

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Skaters for Portland Skateparks mission is to create a comprehensive system of world-class public skateparks in Portland, Oregon.

Our vision is to make skateboarding safe and freely accessible to every skateboarder every day for everybody’s benefit.

Skaters for Portland Skateparks is a non-profit corporation, tax exempt pursuant to 501(c)(3) of the IRS code.

Board of Directors:
Mark Conahan
Bryce Kanights

Skatepark features

Poll - What specific features would you like to see in a new skatepark in Portland? Something that hasn’t been seen yet? A re-creation of a great skatespot? Something from a park of yesteryear?

143 Responses to “Skatepark features”

  1. mark.conahan Says:

    I’d love to see a New Mexico or Wallos – style ditch simulation. A Hailey roll over pipe with a big vert wall – 10 ft. plus transition radius and 4 or more feet of vert.

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    […] I have been asking people what they’d like to see at a new skatepark. I just started a thread over on Skate Portland, the new Skaters for Portland Skateparks site. Never too early to start thinking about what we’d like to see in those next park designs. Add your comments. […]

  3. Rami Says:

    I like how it’s being mixed up… transitions & ‘street’. Keep riding it all. This place has a great mix:

    The Forks Plaza Skatepark – Winnipeg, Canada

  4. Grover Says:

    Lets integrate a race track that is usable for four guys we will keep oregon on the cutting edge. We all ready have the best parks now lets the most inovative parks.

  5. Mac Says:

    One feature that some of the old school parks like Apple and Cherry Hill had was a reservoir. Apple had an L-bowl that was nearly perfect (see link) and Cherry Hill’s was great as well:

    These were great for learning, goofing off, chasing each other around in, and getting warmed up for a pool session. Grindable, rounded lip, just under vert, and not too deep. You’d have little kids in there next to the pros just having fun.

    Otherwise, 8 ft. pools (7.5 ft. tranny) with a large radius and plenty of flat bottom would be nice. Donald’s too tight for me and tough to work back and forth, but too big’s (Pier) hard to learn new stuff on (or get old stuff back…). Small to medium vert.

    Later, and thanks for asking,

  6. Tom Says:

    To me the important thing with 19 separate facilities is to diversify. For example, at Pier we did four separate sessions since we knew it would be first and super crowded. Each section is also pretty classic in design, nothing too unusual (except the mousehole).

    Glenhaven’s real focus is the street section with two bowls thrown in.

    For the third park, I’d like to see something unusual and innovative. The site quite likely will be Ed Benedict Park on SE 100th and Powell. It’s 8000 square feet, long and relatively thin. It might make for a nice linear street section running parallel to a killer staple-shaped snake run that takes you on an epic journey and brings you back to where you started. Maybe on your way back you pass over a section you went down. And you gotta do a stand-alone pool coped/tiled bowl. Transfer lines between each of the three sections should be available but not gimme.

  7. babagado Says:

    how about a street section that really works? maybe a plaza? some mellow smaller bowls, and then a rad vert section that flows real nice. forget the circus stuff or the gnar, we just need stuff to skate, not to win any contests on whose best.

  8. joesf heffner Says:

    i want to see a huge 90 degree hip with 16-20 ft long face walls leading into the hip. the hip should be 8-9 ft tall with11-12ft trannies. the face walls leading to the hip could gradually escalate taller as they go away from the hip. with plenty of face wall to travel along and that tranny at that height should make for some epic snowboard sized airs on concrete, without that lame flyout to flat stuff. imagine boosting 6-7 foot lofty frontside airs, easily 12ft long, before that rush of diving nose down into that big open landing face.

  9. joesf heffner Says:

    how about a replica of the pink motel bowl

  10. Peter Says:

    I like the ditch idea. I’ve always thought that would be cool. One with a hip in it as well as different obstacles along the top would be nice. You could leave portions of it free of obstacles at the top so you could roll in and out of it, but then have things like curbs, benches, ledges and even a bank to wall at certain points. The obstacles could be different materials as well. Concrete curbs, granite bench or ledge, brick bank to wall, etc. Having it drop down into levels like Wallows would be cool too.

    Other than that, I would just like to see a good mid-sized symmetrical bowl similar to the K-falls amoeba. In my opinion that is one of the most fun bowls Dreamland has ever poured. The deep end is big enough for vert guys to still have fun and small enough for non-vert guys to not be intimidated. Add to that the challenge of the tight whippy shallows and the fact that it’s the same for goofy or regular footers, and you have a perfect bowl. Just my 2 pennies.

  11. the dude Says:

    i dont know if this has been done yet but a full pipe that is closed at one end with a cradle would be pretty cool. some hips with banked landings, pool coping, and some curbs in the street section. and lots of rollers

  12. Welsh Pete Says:

    The Ditch idea is great. I’d like to see an interesting configuration of banks. Banks with curbs on top, banks with hips, with walls, in ditch formation, with a ledge sticking out and so on. Brick, marble, slightly transitioned…

    This would satisfy street skaters b/c this type of thing is en vogue right now and would also satisfy the older guys who may have grown up skating that stuff.

    I also really dig the snakey curved entry ledges at Pier. Maybe expand upon that concept some how.

  13. Anthony Shake Says:

    I would like to see a DC plaza built. I feel that is the best way to accomidate “street” skaters. Granted I feel that all aspects of skateboarding should be embraced, a plaza would be the best way in my opinion to satisfy the need for variety (rails, ledges, manual pads, stairs, gaps, etc.) at a skatepark. The street section at pier (while great) isn’t really too challenging (I laughed when I read that the “handrails” there where described something like “true to life”) and I don’t think it really satisfies the need for a good street park. I also feel that if a plaza is built it would give dreamland more freedom to built the rad bowls, pools, and transition parks that they are so renound for, instead of making half and half parks. While dreamland (and I suspose Grindline)has an especially dominant presence out here in the northwest, I think if we turn one or two parks over to some one else and let dreamland build the other 16 it would be in everyones best interest.

  14. OPD Says:

    I would like to see a “real” pool built…Maybe a replica of the vagabond or
    Pala…with real shallow trannys..Not like the mellow Donald trannys..Any how about some “cooldeck” coping…Straight up meatloaf…that would be fun..:)

  15. tim carroll Says:

    I’d like to see a combi pool, like upland’s was. A clover would be nice, too. Also a nice long snake with different shapes all the way down including lips and other funky stuff.

  16. alex Says:

    i would like the coping in the park to be like the tualitan skatepark, big and round

  17. Justin Says:

    Some of these skate parks being built in Portland should be like newberg or aumsville skatepark. Those parks are perfect. I really want to see skatepark with a lot of variety. Have a lot of tranny and a lot of street. On the street courses their should be a lot of banks and trannies also. And all of the benches or ledges should be made of marble or angle iron. Not just concrete benches. They chip up way to fast and dont grind very well after a lot period of time.

  18. TM Says:

    Many of us are excited about the prospects of a Portland horseshoe. The success of the horseshoe layout is proven at places like Aumsville and Lincoln City. A horseshoe wouldn’t work for one of Portland’s earliest parks because the all-in-one flow layout limits the numbers of skaters who can use the footprint at the same time. With so many skaters in town it would be insanity. So the strategy has been to get a few parks in the ground where the sessions are separated – which provides more lines to more people simultaneously – and then start doing more flow-oriented parks.

    Also, I’d be curious to hear what people think of Bologna, Italy. I recognize few of us have actually skated it. However, it’s got some unique features and there’s some video out there of people like Hewitt and Trujillo destroying it. I don’t know that Portland needs a funnel – though if people were really stoked on it I’d be cool with that – but the rest of the park looks really fun.

  19. Nate Says:

    I like the idea of a snakerun with 45 degree hips and big tranny that does not go to vert Until the end of the run where it starts to gradually go to vert and end in a deep bowl like the one at Peir. Throw in some extensions and/or banked walls and some transfer lines into stand alone bowls or banked areas of street section.

  20. alex Says:

    the coping on the ledges should be round

  21. colin Says:

    i would like to see something close to burnside. something that flows so well you can skate the whole park in one line.

  22. mattofpier Says:

    flow more flow
    and jersey barriers
    steep pool like tranny and lots of buttery pool cope

  23. Justin Says:

    the nw rains a lot so these would come in handy
    so you can skate at night or during the winter time when it gets dark at 4:30 you can still skate.

  24. Daniel Says:

    Lighting and shelter should be mandatory. We are building all these new skateparks, many of which can only be skated 4 or 5 months out of the year due to the rainy oregon weather. I personally would rather see 5 well-made, covered and lit skateparks than 19 skateparks that can only be skated when the weather is nice. As for the features, the walkway they put in along the willamette a few years ago was ridiculously fun for street skating before it was capped.

  25. Josh Says:

    I think the 2 most important things to do in order to make the best of this unique oppurtunity. SHELTER and LIGHTS, for every single park. The design part comes easy if you bring in an experienced designer to oversee the process, of which there are many right here in Portland. But to build 19 sweet parks with all the creativity in the world to only be able to skate them 5 months out of the year just seems dumb. Shelter and lights, gotta have em.

  26. Deven Says:

    i actually think we should have a skate park to be indoor with lights and no fees to skate. A good size fun box would be a good use. Also, there should be a skate shop somewhere in the skate park. The skate park should be close to where you cross the bridge from Washington to Oregon. Thanks

  27. Deven Says:

    actually i forgot 1 thing. we should be able to use it all year round.

  28. Chad Says:

    From my perspective, the best features of skateparks is that they allow for flow. I would rather we not simulate skate “spots” as this is a large city and spots are there if you know where to look. What isn’t there is the ability to hit several things in one run.

    Look at Burnside, Newberg, Lincoln City, Washington St, Marseille, Medford, FDR, etc… these are all parks in which you can hit everything without the need to blast some gnar transfers (although transfers are good!). My disappointment in Pier Park is the same as Klamath Falls – too limited regardless of how many different pools are there. Square footage does not equal more lines.

    I suspect (and hope to confirm) that the reason the Pier Park design doesn’t flow stems from worries that a crash-up derby would ensue – especially with bikes allowed. That makes sense for a first park as it will be populated more. My hope is that down the line we’ll have some terrain that actually connects.

  29. crums Says:

    no bikes i hate em i want a snake run park but opened up with lines in an out of the run to hips like that down hill one in canada like ten hips in a row down hill ending in a bigger bowl about 13 so the last hip is at least a twelve on the landing and put gaps on top of the hips and no bikes

  30. p-town ryda Says:

    I think Portland needs a place to skate not neccesarily another skatepark but more like a skate plaza. Somewhere we can hangout and skate and something thats appealing to the public eye. A place thats more like an urban plaza than a skateboard facility although it should be an amazing place to skate something like a love park or embarcadero with planters and trees with amazing ledges of marble or granite all over the place and maybe even some basketball hoops on one side I dont know its just an idea but i think oregon has plenty of transition to skate and I beleive street is what we are majorly lacking just the thought of a skate spot thats all street and basically a street spot without getting busted or ticketed would be amazing so lets do this!!!!!

  31. bobido Says:

    yea we got lots of tranny we need some street and yea portland has street spots but they are all far from each other and u get busted we dont really have a good spot with a variety of ledges with lines and manual pads n stairs n all that stuff either so why dont we create a skate spot with no tranny just a plaza to skate with no bikes cuz they will hurt everything there and a bunch of different materials like brick,marble,granite n whatnot but its all gotta be smooth cuz we all know how ruff northwest streets are and the main things that stand out should be NO BIKES!NO SCOOTERS!PLENTY OF LIGHTING! and possibly a cover we should do something like the plaza in vancouver b.c. but like way better since were american..and proud of it!

  32. bobido Says:

    and what the hell is up with all the fucking bikes at pier thats sum bull sheet

  33. animal chin Says:

    Please build us at least 1 good actual street plaza with marble and brick bank’s. Although tranny is fun don’t get me wrong it’s just that we need somewhere to street skate and these half tranny half street style parks are getting played out. We need something that’s going to offer real street and I no some of you are saying go skate real street but it would be nice to have 1 spot if not a couple out those 19 park to actually be all for street no tranny that way we can skate marble and not have to look over are damn shoulders every 5 min thinking that we might get a ticket.

  34. Anthony Loughan Says:

    As a former Portland Resident I am stoked to see this organization rallying to get more skate spots. We are trying to do the same thing in a city 1/50 the size. I feel it is important to cater to street skating as well as park skating. I read somewhere that with over 10 million skaters across the nation, in the upwards of 7 million prefer to skate street. This is a huge number of skaters that are not represented by current parks. I would love to see that Portland help make way for skateboarding to evolve into which ever direction it may go. This will also help smaller cities everywhere in catering to every style of skating. Plus Plaza style parks can be very astetically pleasing to the eye even for people who don’t skate! Rock on P-town!

  35. cody Says:

    marble ledge. jus make two marble ledges on smooth ground thats all you nweed just two good marble ledges it will be waaaaaay cheaper and will get more attendance than any other park in portland. but if you want build a lot more. but seriously. all u need is two goood ledges. now get to work! p.s. crums has no idea what he is talking about!!!!!!!!!

  36. tony hawk Says:

    ok to make it clear. why do you build a skate park??? to keep kids off your damn business and stairs and stuff. how often do you see a group of kids getting tickets for skating!?! a lot! and what are they skating stairs ledges and stuff. so if you want to keep kids off your damn property build something that replicate your damn porperty not a bowl. come on. people skated bowls in the 80 . so if you were smart you would make something people will actually skate. not just a group of older guys. so use your brain…. why do you make a skate park? and what keeps people there. do this. go to westlynn park. it sucks majorly. then go to beverton. there is like a million kids bascially just skating that one stupid ledge.! USE YER BRAIN

  37. chad muska Says:

    oh my godd a full pipe???? i can garantee no one would even try to make it all the way around! there is no point in building stuff just because its bigger and cooler than the last park. jus build something we can skate pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase. there are enough bowls and tranny. please just one ledge is all we are asking for! thats it. one stupid poiintless ledge that cost prbably 500 bucks to makes. jesus!!! go rent a skate video and see what the skate. now tell me the street to park ratio. its like 100:1 so get the picture. dont let all these old guys convince you we need another bowl. go ask some kids. not 40 year old men who get paid to make skateparks. go ask a kid on the street with a board in his hand

  38. Melissa T Says:

    Due to the fact that it rains so much and it’s dark all the time in the winter, I’d like to see the new park with lights and covered so that it can be utilized to its maximum capacity. I love all the Grindline and Dreamland parks. It would be easy and nice to have some quality street skating stuff. Why not? Since I’m a beginner, I’d like a four inch high manual pad.

    PS: I don’t think the majority of skateboarders out there are going to comment on here because they don’t use the internet, so I think this sampling is going to be skewed. If you want to collect good qualitative data on the topic, someone needs to go out an interview people. You can contact me if you want me to conduct some interviews.

  39. -Pod- Says:

    I’m down with a ditch style with hips and wallrides that surrounds one hell of a street plaza! Remember where we came from, The Streets!!! The younger rippers want streets so lets give it to em. Oh ya how about some slappy curbs too! Gaps, stairs, and ledges are a go!! Cant be too greedy with 19 parks to choose from! Just an honest thought, -Pod- (SAUCE skateboard zine PDX)

  40. grego Says:

    just get the spects for rob dyrdeks dc park…its a great progressive street focused plaza. it seems theres a bit of an off balance when it comes to the styles of parks we have in the erea…grateful for those but…we need more street style plaza type ereas we can skate. lets be the raddest state for the skate! word up. holla

  41. Manny Chester Says:

    ENough quarter pipes and bowls, we need some street oriented parks that feel like real skate spots. Benches, ledges, open flat with lots of room to push around, maybe some banks

  42. chad muska Says:

    hey and if you go to lincholn high school you will see like 20 kids skating the worst ledges ever. its like a skate park its self.

  43. jeremy mccallum Says:

    There is something wonderful about skateparks that don’t resemble the average. I usually get frustrated with skateparks when they are built to cater all different types of skaters and skating, What ever happened to a custom variety or specialized target at building a skatepark. It seems as if the so called “transistion skaters” and “ramp dogs” have had their needs met, and continue to advocate for more tranny and coped playgrounds. As a firm voice of a street skater, (if thats what you’ll call me) I emplore to who ever this may concern, that portland is in dire need of a plaza that caters to street skating and street skating alone. It is far less expensive (no big bowls and half pipes) and if built right could resemble something of a modern day parkade that a person might want to have lunch at. Bench’s and table’s. The recipie is simple and i believe the funds are there, i think all its going to take is a voice from some of the locals and a strong lean on city legislation.

  44. honey tawk Says:

    ledges ledges l;edges ledges ledges. dont waste money on a cover and stuff. there is an indoor park its called department of skateboarding. ledges ledges ledges. jus three butter ledges ina row. hubbas. ledges manual pads. im down with some quater pipes and shit. if they have pool copeing and not bowls. and think about it. why do you build a skate park? to keep kids off your property. what is on your property kids are skating ? stairs…rails and ledges. so it would make sense to replicate such obsticals. ledges rails stairs. dont just build a skatepark so you can say “hey we built a skatepark go skate there” build a skate park so that we will actually skate it. there is no point in wasting tons of money so one group of people can skate it. ie. old men who skate bowls. there is nothing wrong with bowls and skating them i love it. and love watching it! but us street skaters need some where to go too!

  45. chad muska Says:

  46. bob burquist Says:


  47. bob burquist Says:

    dude! these guys have no idea what they are talking about TM says “the street course should have lots of banks and tranny too” ??? what the heck. thats doesnt even make sense. people fly all the way to barcelona spain jus to skate marble ledges!!!!! NO JOKE!

  48. kenny anderson Says:

    p.s. dont let dream land build it! they jus build parks they want. not what the majority of kids in the city want. dream land is good and all. but they are on a differnt shit. they just want bowl after bowl after bwol. it gets old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 please ledges! ledges ledges! ledgesledges! ledgesledges! ledgesledges! ledgesledges! ledgesledges!

  49. the voice of portland street skaters Says:


  50. jh Says:

    Street, street, street, street, STREET obstacles! we have enough bowls and tranny parks. get a variety somewhere here in portland. we need an ALL STREET OBSTACLE SKATE PLAZA! we have parks that are 100% bowls and quaterpipes, why cant we have a 100% street park????

  51. Xeno Miller Says:

    I want a place where I can go to find continuous street oriented lines with enough flow to get around without too much pushing. A Step up like hillsboro with a nice 8 stair length dirt gap shortly after (trick up- trick down), banked ledges similar to dept.’s, smooth ledges, a normal sized three-star with a flat bar that goes straight out for at least six feet that is about knee high at the begining and drops off a little under waist high (frontside and backside), a 3 flat 5 stair double set with kinked rails to gap out to, a steep banked wall with transistion in two areas spaced apart from each other for wall ride action between the two quarter pipes, a crazy pyramid with a green dumpster in the middle to gap over and leave trash in.

    I have this Idea for the sickest skate obsticle, “The Portland Pentagram”. Picture a three dimensional extruded pentagram, think of how you could skate part of it like a pyramid, have some of the edges rounded to pump over and the middle of some of the points could be steep enough to grind up and roll to the side. Popping over one point to another would be sick!!! I will send a picture of what I’m talking about. It was a crazy dream.

  52. mark.conahan Says:

    Welcome skateplaza army! Please keep a couple of things in mind, Constructive criticism is always welcome. If you just want to complain there are plenty of boards where you can do that. Remember that there skaters with different needs out there. SPS has tried to involve different skateboarding points of view all along regardless of the personal preferences of the people involved.

    A skate plaza will be a great addition to the Portland skatepark system but we should provide for some sort of transition skating – a small bowl or miniramp setup should be easy to stick off to the side somewhere. What is a vert-skater in SE supposed to do with a Skate Plaza? If you don’t care about them, why should they care about you? There is a large part of the skateboarding population that skates vert, of course you don’t see them at your ledge sessions. My personal experience, would tend to suggest that there aren’t that many street skaters out there, I never see them when I go skateboarding. Does that mean there are no street skaters? Of course not.

    We need to stick together to build the 19 skate(park/plaza) system and if you want to see something specific get built, get involved, go to the meetings and put some thoughtful effort into it. You know I will be there and I’d like to see a skateable pool in every skatepark. Bad-mouthing each other won’t help.

  53. Skaters for Portland Skateparks » Blog Archive » Street skaters can comment too. Says:

    […] SKATEPARK POLL […]

  54. Wallig Says:

    The only word that matters is Street Plaza. Theres so many parks in Oregon and only more on the way. but the number of those parks that i and other street skaters actualy go skate, is only the smallest fraction.
    Why? Because even if they built the best street skatepark, its still not realy what we want to be skating. Perfect little pyramids and miniature rails are only fun for so long. Thats why theres such a buzz about this whole street plaza buisness. A plaza wouldnt just be a park with no transitions. The whole idea behind a plaza is to create something differnt. Differnt surfaces, differnt materials, difernt ground, all the same things youll find if you take a little wander through any city. If you ask me the goal is to make it feel like its not meant for skating. You may ask your self, why wouldnt you just want to skate the most perfect spot thats meant entirely for skating. Look at Burnside, probably the most renowned and favorite park in the whole state. Construction wise, surface wise, Burnside is the worst. But people love it because it is so differnt from any other park present or future.
    Anyways id like to see a plaza or park or whatever get developed that has all these elements. And honestly id like to see something get built that every one wants to come skate. Which doesnt necisarily meen there has to be a 20 foot bowl right on the other side of a marble ledge. I know that deep down all the nay sayers agaisnt street skating whould love to skate a good wallride or any nice homespun jersey barrier spot. maybe not as much as i want to skate endless marble ledges but that doesnt meen every one cant have a little piece of the pie.

  55. mark.conahan Says:

    Cbusta1 wrote:

    ok to make it clear. why do you build a skate park??? to keep kids off your damn business and stairs and stuff. how often do you see a group of kids getting tickets for skating!?! a lot! and what are they skating stairs ledges and stuff. so if you want to keep kids off your damn property build something that replicate your damn porperty not a bowl. come on. people skated bowls in the 80 . so if you were smart you would make something people will actually skate. not just a group of older guys. so use your brain…. why do you make a skate park? and what keeps people there. do this. go to westlynn park. it sucks majorly. then go to beverton. there is like a million kids bascially just skating that one stupid ledge.! USE YER BRAIN

  56. paul rodriguez Says:

    ledges plaza

  57. paul rodriguez Says:


  58. Josh Says:

    That’s just sad that kid says West Linn sucks. Gimmee a break. Seriousely though, given the chance to have 19 parks, if we just leave it to the masters(ie. Dreamland and Grindline), they won’t dissappoint. A lot of their parks have some street goodies in it. Truthfully, how many ledges do you actually need? I moved here from across the country to skate the glorious parks in Oregon. I can’t believe that there’s skaters here that actually complain about these masterpieces. I also don’t think most people will actually give up real street skating anyway, even if the parks were overloaded with ledges and rails and stuff. However, natural transition in the city is about as rare as it comes, so lets put as much tranny into the parks as we can.

  59. Josh Says:

    Oh yeah, a haul ass Kona type snake run would be rad too, maybe dumping into a bowl. Snake runs rule! There’s unfortunately not too many around.

  60. animal chin Says:

    Street, street, street is what the people want including myself. Yes park’s should cater to all ages and styles of skating and with some of the best parks here in oregon in the world it’s sad to see that we haven’t come through with one that caters to the kids that skate street! As for the comment by who’s name I’m not going to mention about how we need to have tranny at the parks so the older guy’s will show up so they can keep an eye on the kid’s is just a cop out for not wanting to work together to cater to the kid’s for a street style plaza. Just because your 30 and up doesn’t mean kid’s don’t know what they want. You say they’ll out grow it or who is going to want to jump down stairs at 30 and building bowls is a way to insure thing’s will get skated for a lot longer time. Well news flash times have changed and when I’m 30 I’ll still be hitting up those stars as well as the ledges because that’s what’s fun for me as for more then half the kid’s that live here and skate. I’m going to be 26 so 30 isn’t that far down the road for me and I grew up skating burnside and I know what these kid’s want and where not getting it. Bottom line you say let’s work together but yet your not letting us the people have a choice about what we want and it’s not the same old bowl’s at every other park. Bottom line is we need some street it’s that simple.

  61. Westhusing Says:

    Skateboarding started in the streets and then eventually evolved in to riding backyard pools, we can all agree on that. I think that is an essence to skateboarding, an adaptability to terrian. I’d really like to see a design that revisits something close to that concept. Something natural, designed around it’s surroundings, textural, the bottom line is something it’s gotta be original. I’m so tired of this onslaut of grey concrete everytime I go to a skatepark. Does anyone honestly think you can get away with filming at a skatepark? Sheesh, look at Dyrdek with all that funding and planning, he couldn’t even get it right, SKATEPARK!

    Gimme a damn spot. Keep Portland Weird!

  62. paul rodriguez Says:

    ok so i figured it out. this is what we want. you know the sidewalk that leads up to pier park? we want a nice big long sidewalk about two of the peir park obnes wide. with 16 inch ledges / benches along the sides of the side walk . PERFECT

  63. Mac Says:

    This one looks like a pretty nice combination of tranny and street, in my old home town of Boston (it’s in Cambridge, to be exact). They’re building it with a lot of sponsorship from private businesses and donations, looks pretty insane, and in a really nice setting. Anyone know who designed it?


  64. chompy Says:

    It would help if those of you that want street elements to begin talking about WHAT you want. It doesn’t help at all to just say “plaza” and “street skating”. There are many different elements that can go into the street section of the park. Why not start naming some, and maybe even heights of ledges, etc…

    This bickering back and forth isn’t helping in any way. I think we can all agree that with 19 parks there is plenty of room for everyone to get there rocks off.

    For my two cents, it would be cool to have some sort of ditch with curbs at the top. Or maybe some sort of tight tranny-to-wall so we can get our wallrides on.

  65. josh kalis Says:



  66. josh kalis Says:


  67. brian wenning Says:

    wow that guy is right that video does explain everything! good job buddy! thats exactly what we want! great link!

  68. Justin Says:

    every skate park needs to have trannies. If their is no trannies than whats the point?

  69. brian wenning Says:

    post that google video moderater!!!! please!!!!!! its explains everything withnn the first 15 minutes

  70. nate Says:

    flowing tranny. Big bowls, little bowls , medium bowls all interconnected. Some electrical outlets would be nice for boom box and/or lights. Do it!

  71. Justin Says:

    a nice 6-7 ft mellow bowl, similar to aberdeen, WA, but closed off rather than open on one side. Deathboxes or doorways like milton, wa would be neat.

    One other idea would be to switch up terrain…have some street elements such as dirt gaps, maybe grass gaps. Small quarters made of bricks near an enterance would be cool.

    One park could be made from ecoramp or skatelite…I prefer concrete over it, but the truth is that it’s a softer landing and it slides better for learning. Perhaps just a couple mini’s would be needed of the material.

    A four foot mini with a spine and rollover would be cool.

  72. Justin Says:

    I live in Hoquiam, wa right now, but I will be moving down soon. Here, at our city park, we have lights that are coin operated and are available 24-7. I think that idea would be a great way to keep the parks lit and safe, without worrying about extra costs or unused and excessive lighting.

  73. Justin Says:

    purkiss-rose built our park, the park is small, but has a great flow and perfect pours. It’s the best park I’ve been to in it’s size class. the stair is pretty hard to hit, but it’s been done many times.

    in fact, a nice long stair with a runway would be awesome…similar to a smaller version of the brian wenning bs 180 Transworld cover at LOVE park.

    CD has some small pics of the aberdeen park, but not great shots…

  74. ryley j Says:

    hey yeah i think we need a old school ditch style park. Also a better street course than pier park, theres seriously enough vert parks in oregon. No dirt around the park’s perimeter either (that was also a big problem at pier) maybe grass. You guys should defintly check out the stage (manuel pad) at multnomah arts center in SW portland or trinity chruch (stairs) off W burnside for some amazing ideas!!!!

  75. ryley j Says:

    oh and some lighting like tualitin skatepark


  76. ryley j Says:

    watch this flick on skateparks and true culture. City council needs to see this to even get a glipse of what portland needs


  77. Michael Says:

    I think it would be really sweet to have a remake of a famous skatespot. Take 3rd and Army (San Francisco), Pier 7 (San Francisco), Embarcadero plaza (also San Francisco), Ayala Park (Chino, CA) or the most famous of all- Love Park. Many of these places are no longer skateable, but thousands, maybe even millions of skaters have all dreamed of skating Love Park. It would be awesome to have a remake that came as close to the real thing as physically (and financially) possible.

  78. Mark Says:

    The old Kennewick Skatepark in Washington that was torn down in the early 80’s had a really fun ditch type run that started out really mellow and slowly got deeper and had a big bowl on the end. Similar to a ditch and was a blast. It would be great to see something like that again, just to shake things up a bit.

  79. bobby groves Says:

    a skate plaza like the DC one but obviously not as big would be perfect for portland. More importantly its obstacles need to be more spaced out. skateparks are way too crowded nowdays with the growing skateboarder population. Cover is definitly a plus and lights till at least 9:30pm are a must

  80. brandon marcin Says:

    I would like to see more small stairs like good old 3-4 and 5 stair for the beginners,and more rails and ledges.and we need more covered skate parks in oregon badly!we also need lights in skate parks so me can skate in the dark.

  81. your mom Says:

    I know every1 wants”street”I do believe it needed. but I want to remind every1 that a combination park is the best. I think a dreamland combination bowl like AUMSVILLE surrounded by a ledge stair and rail heaven like dc plaza is ideal. I love seeing kids and adults cussing and teaching each other new shit. new school?old school?FUCK School just skate and skate it all.

    p.s. if it wasnt 4burnside and those park crews this wouldnt even be happening or an issue so say what you want but dont forget that shit put oregon on the fucking map! we got killer parks everywhere and it can only get better thru new ideas mixed with old ones.talking down on any1 or there idea is idealism and that leads to stagnation. bring up some ideas lets get down. shit I’ll skate anything! swith over krook your ledge and invert your pool bring it all. but please build it all. props Dreamland&grindline

  82. Alex Says:

    i would like to see somethin like the new york ledge over the grate. Also some nice stars like a 3-flat-3 or a 6 or 7 in the westmoreland park. or at least some stairs there

  83. Kevin Says:

    Richland Washington got it right.

  84. Tom Miller Says:

    The skate plaza is coming to Ed Benedict Park at SE Powell and 100th. Tentative plans call for the ribbon cutting in the spring of 2008. Hopefully we can get Parks to move a little faster and get ‘er done sooner.

  85. ryan Says:

    Portland needs less vert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    i want to see stairs and rails and ledges!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  86. ryan Says:

    oh yeah one more thing



    more pyramids

  87. aaron Says:

    a lot of flow and speed with a little street if u want street go skate the industrial area or the east banks

  88. jake k Says:

    all i have to say is you can never build to many euro or step-up gaps. also hip to bank for both reg. and goof./ fs or bs. you guys are doing an awsome thing with this site and with the city of portland!!! sk8 on!

  89. cs Says:

    plaza pleeeeeeease theres enuff tranny parks

  90. Justin Says:


  91. Taylor Says:

    aside from skate plazas, what about a park that is more of an obsticle rather than something your used to. something that challenges your mind because you don’t know whats skateable about it. think vito acconci or in super champion funzone at that strange wavey park in japan.

  92. Daniel Says:

    I have to say, that I could not agree with you in 100% regarding Skatepark features, but it’s just my opinion, which could be wrong :)

  93. tVere Says:

    Been skating in Stumptown for 30+ years (and I still suck!). I am so glad that we have opportunities to skate in “safe” environs now – though I really do miss the days of dodging parking lot traffic while trying to hit the bank in the back of the Dairy Queen on Stark Street. Vert, tranny, street, snake – it is all sooo fine and we here in PDX should consider ourselves to be part of the blessed few. Thank you gals and guys! If there is one thing that I miss – however – its ROCKETING down a reservoir ramp and hitting 30+ feet of non-vert wall. I miss the reserviors up in Washington Park and (somewhat less) the one that used to be at SE 60th & Stark in PDX. Thus far I have seen nothing that is going to let me pull a 20+ foot powerslide on a bank in any design, anywhere. Perhaps it is a thing I won’t see again because the permitting, land use rules, etc. simply make it untenable. Nonetheless, I thought I would drop a hook & see if I got any bites. Or maybe there is a decrepit old reservior somewhere in the region that is not going to be used for water storage anymore and only needs a new surface to make it skateable. Wishful thinking, hunh? Thanks for the forum, and (again) thanks for all the hard work – it is really paying off.

  94. going to vert Says:

    What about a recreation of SADLANDS? or some crazy deal that Blender would build.

  95. Mongo Says:

    deff. some snake runs.. i saw a comment talking about the Kona one.. and i agree 100%

    i love skating bowls.. and often some street.. but ive never skated a real snake run. and now that i have gotten better at hips and trnny.. i really want to.. a badass snake run would be nice.. with small and large hips.

  96. Jeremy Says:

    So I’ve read through this whole message board, and seen A LOT OF BICKERING (street vs. tranny). I moved to Portland 2 years ago and classified myself as a 100% street skater. Thanks to ALL OF THE EXCELLENT TRANNY PARKS that Oregon has to offer, my attitude has flipped. I love mixing it up, skating all sorts of terrain from ledges to banks to miniramps to wallrides and back again. I have much appreciation for all of the tranny available in the northwest, and loads of respect for the deeply rooted transitional skateboarding scene that has formed around it. It really is amazing BUT, the point remains that the majority of kids that skateboard skate street. Even in the tranny rich community of Portland a quick overview of the parks shows the outnumbered desires of the skate community for more street. If you go to Glenhaven on any given hour of any given day the “street course” is a veritable crash up derby. While the peanut and mid-bowl always tend to have a healthy session going on, it usually seems that the trany skaters only make up 10-20% of the parkgoers. It seems like their are so many options around Portland for tranny guys (Newberg, Pier, Glenhaven, Burnside, Holly Farm, West Linn, Oregon City, and Donald to begin with) Hmmm, 8 PARKS WITH AT LEAST 50% TRANNY AND NOT 1 PARK AROUND PORTLAND THAT IS MORE THAN 50% STREET. I’m very greatful for the fact that the Ed Benedict street plaza is being built. Seriously, thank you very much, but I honestly find this to be only a minor solution. There are just too many street skaters throughout the city, with not enough street features for them. I fear that die-hard tranny guys will cite Ed Benedict as THE SOLUTION to street skaters needs. While it will be great addition, especially with so many street skaters in Portland, I really think the solution is to see way more parks built with a greater majority of street features. Just basic little areas with a few spread out ledges/manual pads would really help this problem. It seems that perhaps the majority of small “skatespots” that parks and rec build should be street oriented. That way street skaters could spread out across the city, have great spots and be quited. Once they have been quieted, it will be much easier to devote the bigger parks to flow oriented tranny parks. Think about having 3 Newberg style parks, and like 8-10 mini-West Linn style parks across the city. It seems like a win-win solution for tranny and street skaters. Thanks for listening to my ramble. – Jeremy

  97. Jeremy Says:

    Sorry to keep going. but there is one other huge point that I wanted to go over, and that is the skatepark design meetings. I have gone to a few of these meetings, and really have a problem with using them as the sole voice of skatepark advocates. When you go to these meetings, the majority of people who show up tend to be older… older people started skating in the 80s… the 80s was the peak of tranny/vert skateboarding… The result is that the majority of voices at the meeting are advocating for more gnarly tranny. I know that the sqeaky wheel gets the grease, but please look at it from another more sociological perspective. Its sad to say, but we have become an increasingly appathetic nation. Just look at voting patterns. Senior citizens continue to dominate in poll-attendace, and therefore a majority of ploitical issues are addressed with seniors in mind. However, the beliefs of seniors do not always correspond with you or me. What is the solution… on the larger scale, I do not know, but lets take it back to the skatepark/meeting issue. If the older generations are less apathetic (more politically involved), then it only makes sense that the older skaters will make up the majority of meeting goers, and the majority of meeting opions/voices. I don;t find this to be fair, and so here is my suggestion… Rather than having the skaters come to the meetings, come to the skaters. Go to skateparks, and POLL THE PEOPLE THAT ARE ACTUALLY SKATING. It is a lot easier to say full pipe than it is to skate one. If we really need more gnarly tranny than the people skating at the parks should agree with it. Poll them. If the people skating the parks want more street, then give them more street. If they want more tranny, give them more tranny. It just seems like the best solution to hearing the voice of skatepark users is to actually go to parks and talk to the people using them. Thanks again, and keep up the good work.

  98. chuck Says:

    as far as earl boyles goes, I dont mind a plaza idea. Its going to be so close to my house, i will skate it regardless. I am only requesting 1 mid-big bowl. COVERED would be so cool. i like the power outlet idea for lights and music.

  99. chuck Says:

    ohh yeah, thanks for everything you have provided.

  100. Maddog Says:

    Personally I like the idea of a good mix of street and transition in a park. When done right this is the ideal set up for all styles of skaters. Unfortunately I have yet to see this done right in or around Portland. I too fall into the group of skaters that fell in love with Oregon and the Northwest because of the amount of innovative skateparks and I consider myself to be a little bit more of a tranny skater than a street skater but I certainly enjoy both. Anyone that really pays attention to what is going on in our skate community has to see that there is a dire need for more street features in NW skateparks. As Jeremy stated above, Glenhaven’s street course is always totally packed and while the bowls next to it do get skated it is obvious that more skaters are interested in the street features there. The same goes for Battleground, Hillsboro, Forest Grove, Beaverton, etc. Any skatepark around the area that offers solid street features(and they are few and far between) is usually mobbed with at least twice as many skaters compared to the transition features. A skate plaza type park is obviously what is really needed in Portland. We have plenty of gnarly tranny and oververt sections and pool coping to go around for awhile. I would love to skate more fun transition as much as the next guy but the majority of people skating are asking for more street stuff first and we all need to compromise. Those that are against a skatepark made specifically for street skating need to take a moment to think about the abundance of transition driven skatepark designs that already exist in the NW. When it comes to the actual construction of upcoming skateparks I would love to see a little less pool coping on bowls please and a little more angle iron or coping on ledges. Using pool coping and not placing metal on ledges is like building disposable skateparks that are just going to chip away over time. I fully understand how gnarly it may make people feel to hear the “crunch” sound when frontside grinding pool coping but it should be used here and there, not everywhere in a skatepark. Building ledges and street style features with no metal or marble (although marble also chips away and becomes chunked up over time) is a waste. Sure it is going to be fun the first month and feel more like a real ledge you would skate in a random parking lot but in a very short amount of time it will go unskated because of the chunks and cracks. Look at the Denver skatepark. It has a good design and some really solid fun features but all of the ledges have been so chunked up from daily usage that they are nearly unskateable. One more thing I would like to say that I personally would really love to see in the upcoming skateparks of Portland is incorporating some smaller and mellower bowls and transitions amongst the gnarly stuff. Skateparks in our area are certainly not lacking in tight tranny and pockets and steep banks and huge corners…..why can’t we have a couple spots with a normal mini-ramp type feature or mini-bowl? Its seems that the parks that have been built lately will feature very limited areas of smaller transitions (if any) and if theses features do exist there, more often than not they have some gnarly tight tranny. These type of features are fun to skate and certainly challenging and I think there is a place for them in most park designs, but there is nothing wrong with having a super fun, mellow 4 foot square bowl to skate and pump around with a fun regular spine (not one that is 4 feet and tight on one side and 6ft+ on the other). As far as having lights and a roof or covering, I think that this is a very important issue. Many others have stated this before me and talked of the importance of lights and rain protection when we live in the climate of the Northwest. I would like to see this happen at a park that is more centrally located though. Before Pier Park was even finished everyone was pushing to cover it. Lets take a step back and look at things now though. Although Pier Park was a great success on most days it is fairly empty and this is mostly due to the openings of Glenhaven and Battleground. I feel that both of these parks are preferred by most skaters because of the better features. Currently being the closest skatepark to the center of Portland (aside from Burnside) and certainly being skated much much more than Pier Park, it would make more sense to cover and light Glenhaven first or to even wait it out a bit longer and see which parks are getting the most usage after a few more are completed. Why cover and put up lights over parks that are skated by less people?

  101. Mongo Tyler Says:

    So now that ed benidict is for sure I would make a request for a bowl park. With huge deep ends 13 to 15 feet, deathbox, loveseat, possible a light, pool coping and oververt. Possible a real pool. But for sure an area with no I emphasizes No street section. I’m sick of bailing because some kid did a half assed flip trick on the flat and there board rolled into the bowl. The youth of Portland (and our older counterparts) crave big bowls. More Bowls less street; Because hey street skaters are blessed with an entire planet of skateable turf; A backyard pool is few and far between. Oh yeah Pool Coping, Pool Coping, Pool Coping!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. what what 20/20 Says:

    if a skate plaza then i would like to see some realistic street spots not just the same 5 stair with a dwarf height ledge and rail … we need big ten stair, some regular height grind spots, some dope wall rides maybe even a curved wall ride, banks to ledge or rail, lets see a bank to wall with a window in the middle if the wall …. how about gaps ,gap to rail or ledge … multi layered manual pads …. their is so much we can do, so why make a street plaza just like all of the other street sections in other parks and not like real street?

  103. animal chin Says:

    Mongo tyler your a kook, Why don’t we bulid you a 30ft bowl and you can drown yourself in it, all agree say I. Theres plenty of real pools go find one. There isn’t shit for street spots in Portland and every fucking park is a god damn bowl for christ sake and then ya there’s some street stuff but 9 out of 10 times the street stuff that gets built is either a poor design or wack. As for bowls and tranny Id say that there is more then enough of that and 10 out of 10 the bowls and tranny stuff are actually really good. Which is rad don’t get me wrong but can someone please just build some actual street stuff. Like you would find if you went street skating but instead of skating around getting harassed by security for less then legit skate spots that are ruff and not even that good. We need at least a couple spots for street.

  104. Zoe Says:

    Things I haven’t skated in Portland but would like to:
    1. Deathboxes in skatepark pools (maybe even concrete ladder stairs too).
    2. Loveseat in a pool that is flush with the pool wall so you can grind it / do lip tricks on the face OR air over the whole thing)
    3. As much as I like the Donald-style steep pools, how about one that is less than 9 feet deep, with mellow trannies in the deep and shallow. This way some of us can maybe try a trick besides slash grinding (I’m not gnarly and can’t stand up grind around the deep end of Glenhaven, I’m secure about it).
    4. A friendly 4-foot concrete mini-ramp or even better a bowl (ranging 4 up to 6 feet deep) with opposing straight sides with hips and a maybe even a spine, extensions, or escalator.
    5. Sadlands like planters
    6. Street section that is sizable enough to not have criss crossed lines and too small of a space (although I think the Benedict park might solve this issue). BTW: Please put a pyramid into Benedict’s design (yes I already put in that feedback).

    BTW: Pink Motel’s pool had a cruddy shallow end(s)…as far as skatability, it’s just 1 big deep end bowl. Might wanna re-think that one.

  105. Rocky Says:

    My friends and i really like the idea of euro gaps/ step ups. I also like the idea of having something in doors on the west side of the Wall. river. Because all the kids who skate at DEPT. are all from the west side or from Washington. I know plenty of places where it could be, but the best would be something close to a transit center. So the max gets used more often. And then we have more people using that which helps everything.

  106. milk Says:

    a nice, long, waist high ledge with rounded coping instead of angle iron and a similar hight and length flat rail.

  107. cody lockwood Says:

    Lets see some klamath falls and lincolon city style gnarly shit!!!?

  108. tyler Says:

    I think that we should have a sick plaza or something…
    kinda like the dc plaza…

  109. dandaman Says:

    portland needs a covered skatepark? what? there is something called skatechurch and DOS, why not make another skatepark with the money you use to cover pier, plus pier is borin, cover glenhaven instead!

  110. wade anthony Says:

    did someone already say snake run? sorry I cracked my head open and smashed my teeth out by the time I was 9 years old, maybe a drainage style ditch, throw a little dirt and sand in there just to make it interesting, oh yeah and some free pizza and girls to cheer everyone on sorry……………

  111. Kevin Clarke Says:

    I live in Belgium for a few years, but was just on vacation in Oregon with my boys. Of course we all brought our skateboards. I visited Holly Farms and Gabriel Park – fun parks for someone who has already developed some skills. However, for my 7 and 9 year old sons, we made the 45 minute trip to Newberg a couple of times because Newberg has something for everyone – shallow bowls and pumping bumps for the little guys and big vert for the others.

    I personally love all the transition, but would really like to see each park support a smaller area reserved for kids (think kiddy pool) so they don’t need to worry about being run over by the older kids while they’re developing.

    Look me up if you’re in Kortrijk Belgium – we have very nice park here built by Team Pain of Florida.

  112. travis Says:


    imagine WALLOWS style ditches, KONA Style concrete waves,and a downhill/slalom coarse all wrapped around a street plaza with planter boxes, marble ledges and a fountain!!

    its awesome that oregon has all these gnarly parks with deep bowls for the pros, but it seems like the majority of skaters in portland just want to have fun and work on their style at home so they can get rad in places like newberg and lincoln city…

  113. travis Says:

    oh, and if there is a down hill/slalom run it should flatten out and then have a wall ride at the bottom!

  114. Tom Says:

    POLE JAMS!! Wall jams, get creative.

  115. Tim Says:

    some replicas of authentic spots
    ex:hubba hideout,brookland banks, small wallen burg, etc.

    also have some sick marble stuff!

  116. Tim Says:

    some replicas of authentic spots
    ex:hubba hideout,brookland banks, small wallen burg, etc.

    also have some sick marble stuff!

  117. juestin weesner Says:

    I would like to see like a green skate park that incorperates trees with the park or like a more natural vibe to it.

  118. bruhh Says:

    get the phs park started and put in lights
    and get plans for the parks done faster

  119. rider Says:

    Something for bikers would be cool,lots of rails and legdes bigger gaps that sourt of stuff.

  120. jim Says:

    i think they should build a skatepark at woodstock over at southeast portland.
    they’ve been planing to make one over the past 4 years but never have. Not a HUGE park but a park where other skaters can skate at, instead of getting kicked out of safeway osomething.

  121. kody Says:

    replica of newberg OR skatepark with scooters allowed and maybe some lights for the night time so we can skate when we really want to and maybe an age limit of 5 and up or maybe even 10 so we dont have little kids that dont have a clue running in front of us and a cover so when it rains

    or the same thing but a replica of skate barn west insted

  122. Snake Says:

    i want to see more parks with mini ramps.

  123. Snake Says:

    build a skatepark at woodstock finally!!!!!!!!!

  124. Tod the Rod Says:

    Get some damn lights in these parks,so we can keep throwin down some gnarly shit all through the night!!!

  125. dawgburt Says:

    make a goddamn covered skatepark. its portland, it shud b a no brainer

  126. dawgburt Says:

    and lights

  127. Skaters for Portland Skateparks Blog Archive Skatepark features | basketball hoop Says:

    […] Skaters for Portland Skateparks Blog Archive Skatepark features Posted by root 23 minutes ago (http://www.dev.skateportland.org) I actually think we should have a skate park to be indoor with lights and granite all over the place and maybe even some basketball hoops on one side deff some snake runs i saw a comment talking about the kona one and i agree 100 skaters for portland skat Discuss  |  Bury |  News | Skaters for Portland Skateparks Blog Archive Skatepark features […]

  128. Riley Says:

    I would like to see something resembling the Carlsbad Gap. Or maybe you could recreate part of LOVE Park.

  129. Sebastien Says:

    Grass gaps and hips!

  130. Justin Says:

    I would like to see a Snake Run at a new park.

  131. Andrew Bean Says:

    i heard you guys were gonna make a skate park by lane middle school ive bin waiting for a few years and being a local skater we need a few more parks and having a park over in the place i went to school would make the comunity better and get kids out and skating so if you could build it anywhere put it at lane that would be sick as hell so please built one SOON!!!

  132. Gio Fournier Says:


  133. The Truth Says:

    Wow! some of you are real silly. First of all the 40 year old men that you complain about pay for the parks. If you build a plaza, do you think that will stop street skaters from skating private property? The answer is no. When is the last time you saw a video part at a plaza? Thought so. You guys live in Oregon. You don’t want to skate tranny, move east.

  134. Eric Bagai Says:

    Cross-pollinate and combine forces with fire dancers!

    You could get more community support through an alliance with fire dancers and spinners. They need a fireproof concrete parks area too, but they’ll only use it after dark! A skate park would be perfect for them, and right now they have NO PLACE IN PORTLAND to light up. Help the city solve two civic problems at once, and serve two compatible communities with the same facilities.

  135. Kelly Blum Says:

    im feelin the gap to extension, such as the one as tigard. (from the 6ft quarter the bankwall) BUTTERY!

    anything dreamland comes up with is sicker then the flu

  136. Martin Swanson Says:

    Make something very similar to Ed Benedict, but in North and Northeast Portland. Plenty of ledges, stairs, manual pads, banks, gaps, etc. Right now Ed Benedict is where its at but if you live in NoPo its a 30 to 40 minute drive there.

  137. KHOMIKH1 Says:

    I’d like to see a park that has a lot of FLOW to it, and by that I mean functionality without sacrificing a good balance of features – basically not being predominantly transitions, bowls, hp’s – but having like maybe a kidney bowl-spine-square bowl combo with some deck around it –> see a nice example of one my favorite parks in Hayward, CA (bay area) This is one of the best I’ve seen, for not being a loop-de-loop deal with 90% of the park transitions and a poorly placed ledge or rail off to the side. Two other kickass parks are Grass Valley, CA and Fontana, CA, which is THE only loop style park that I even like, due to each of the five portions around the loop are stand alone micro parks – Can I get a What?! What!? form anyone who’s checked these parks out – or even better been there??

  138. KHOMIKH1 Says:

    I’d so trade all 19 of Portland’s parks for this one! =(


    Dreamland take notes!!

    I going going back back to cali cali cali! =)

  139. BeavertonSkater Says:

    I would like to see with stairsets with rails, little tranny like beaverton,some gnar gnar like Tigard and a little recreation of Black Pearls skatepark from the Cayman islands

  140. Russell Bauerlein Says:

    tight walls, and vert walls. more pool coping, done right though. ed’s pool coping didn’t work out so well, the transitions needs to be closer to vert. there’s no need to put pool coping on super mellow stuff. Doorways in trany, or a death box. that would be sick. i know you have to filter through a lot of stupid comments, but portland doesn’t have any public parks with a doorway other than pier in the full pipe, it would be nice to grind over it.

  141. jon Says:

    i would love to skate a recreation of the OG huntington beach park Penny and Templeton used to skate. with the platform and flatbar and pyramid, would be cheaper to make too.

  142. PoolSkater Says:

    I would like to see more vertical and transitional based skateparks. A park similar to santa monica skatepark in cali would be awesome, or a park like newberg here in the city would be great too. We definitely needs more pools to rip that are like actual swimming pools and we could use more bowls with mellow tranny. I would also like to see a large snake run like lincoln city’s or a park with a mix of elements from other oregon skateparks such as: port orford, brookings, astoria, waldport, salem, newport, klamath falls, florence, and seaside.

  143. kea10 Says:

    xgames style parkk

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