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Volunteers trying to build skateparks in Portland

Skaters for Portland Skateparks mission is to create a comprehensive system of world-class public skateparks in Portland, Oregon.

Our vision is to make skateboarding safe and freely accessible to every skateboarder every day for everybody’s benefit.

Skaters for Portland Skateparks is a non-profit corporation, tax exempt pursuant to 501(c)(3) of the IRS code.

Board of Directors:
Colin Sharp
Bryce Kanights
Mark Conahan

Skatepark features

Poll – What specific features would you like to see in a new skatepark in Portland? Something that hasn’t been seen yet? A re-creation of a great skatespot? Something from a park of yesteryear?

143 Responses to “Skatepark features”

  1. Mongo Tyler Says:

    So now that ed benidict is for sure I would make a request for a bowl park. With huge deep ends 13 to 15 feet, deathbox, loveseat, possible a light, pool coping and oververt. Possible a real pool. But for sure an area with no I emphasizes No street section. I’m sick of bailing because some kid did a half assed flip trick on the flat and there board rolled into the bowl. The youth of Portland (and our older counterparts) crave big bowls. More Bowls less street; Because hey street skaters are blessed with an entire planet of skateable turf; A backyard pool is few and far between. Oh yeah Pool Coping, Pool Coping, Pool Coping!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. what what 20/20 Says:

    if a skate plaza then i would like to see some realistic street spots not just the same 5 stair with a dwarf height ledge and rail … we need big ten stair, some regular height grind spots, some dope wall rides maybe even a curved wall ride, banks to ledge or rail, lets see a bank to wall with a window in the middle if the wall …. how about gaps ,gap to rail or ledge … multi layered manual pads …. their is so much we can do, so why make a street plaza just like all of the other street sections in other parks and not like real street?

  3. animal chin Says:

    Mongo tyler your a kook, Why don’t we bulid you a 30ft bowl and you can drown yourself in it, all agree say I. Theres plenty of real pools go find one. There isn’t shit for street spots in Portland and every fucking park is a god damn bowl for christ sake and then ya there’s some street stuff but 9 out of 10 times the street stuff that gets built is either a poor design or wack. As for bowls and tranny Id say that there is more then enough of that and 10 out of 10 the bowls and tranny stuff are actually really good. Which is rad don’t get me wrong but can someone please just build some actual street stuff. Like you would find if you went street skating but instead of skating around getting harassed by security for less then legit skate spots that are ruff and not even that good. We need at least a couple spots for street.

  4. Zoe Says:

    Things I haven’t skated in Portland but would like to:
    1. Deathboxes in skatepark pools (maybe even concrete ladder stairs too).
    2. Loveseat in a pool that is flush with the pool wall so you can grind it / do lip tricks on the face OR air over the whole thing)
    3. As much as I like the Donald-style steep pools, how about one that is less than 9 feet deep, with mellow trannies in the deep and shallow. This way some of us can maybe try a trick besides slash grinding (I’m not gnarly and can’t stand up grind around the deep end of Glenhaven, I’m secure about it).
    4. A friendly 4-foot concrete mini-ramp or even better a bowl (ranging 4 up to 6 feet deep) with opposing straight sides with hips and a maybe even a spine, extensions, or escalator.
    5. Sadlands like planters
    6. Street section that is sizable enough to not have criss crossed lines and too small of a space (although I think the Benedict park might solve this issue). BTW: Please put a pyramid into Benedict’s design (yes I already put in that feedback).

    BTW: Pink Motel’s pool had a cruddy shallow end(s)…as far as skatability, it’s just 1 big deep end bowl. Might wanna re-think that one.

  5. Rocky Says:

    My friends and i really like the idea of euro gaps/ step ups. I also like the idea of having something in doors on the west side of the Wall. river. Because all the kids who skate at DEPT. are all from the west side or from Washington. I know plenty of places where it could be, but the best would be something close to a transit center. So the max gets used more often. And then we have more people using that which helps everything.

  6. milk Says:

    a nice, long, waist high ledge with rounded coping instead of angle iron and a similar hight and length flat rail.

  7. cody lockwood Says:

    Lets see some klamath falls and lincolon city style gnarly shit!!!?

  8. tyler Says:

    I think that we should have a sick plaza or something…
    kinda like the dc plaza…

  9. dandaman Says:

    portland needs a covered skatepark? what? there is something called skatechurch and DOS, why not make another skatepark with the money you use to cover pier, plus pier is borin, cover glenhaven instead!

  10. wade anthony Says:

    did someone already say snake run? sorry I cracked my head open and smashed my teeth out by the time I was 9 years old, maybe a drainage style ditch, throw a little dirt and sand in there just to make it interesting, oh yeah and some free pizza and girls to cheer everyone on sorry……………

  11. Kevin Clarke Says:

    I live in Belgium for a few years, but was just on vacation in Oregon with my boys. Of course we all brought our skateboards. I visited Holly Farms and Gabriel Park – fun parks for someone who has already developed some skills. However, for my 7 and 9 year old sons, we made the 45 minute trip to Newberg a couple of times because Newberg has something for everyone – shallow bowls and pumping bumps for the little guys and big vert for the others.

    I personally love all the transition, but would really like to see each park support a smaller area reserved for kids (think kiddy pool) so they don’t need to worry about being run over by the older kids while they’re developing.

    Look me up if you’re in Kortrijk Belgium – we have very nice park here built by Team Pain of Florida.

  12. travis Says:


    imagine WALLOWS style ditches, KONA Style concrete waves,and a downhill/slalom coarse all wrapped around a street plaza with planter boxes, marble ledges and a fountain!!

    its awesome that oregon has all these gnarly parks with deep bowls for the pros, but it seems like the majority of skaters in portland just want to have fun and work on their style at home so they can get rad in places like newberg and lincoln city…

  13. travis Says:

    oh, and if there is a down hill/slalom run it should flatten out and then have a wall ride at the bottom!

  14. Tom Says:

    POLE JAMS!! Wall jams, get creative.

  15. Tim Says:

    some replicas of authentic spots
    ex:hubba hideout,brookland banks, small wallen burg, etc.

    also have some sick marble stuff!

  16. Tim Says:

    some replicas of authentic spots
    ex:hubba hideout,brookland banks, small wallen burg, etc.

    also have some sick marble stuff!

  17. juestin weesner Says:

    I would like to see like a green skate park that incorperates trees with the park or like a more natural vibe to it.

  18. bruhh Says:

    get the phs park started and put in lights
    and get plans for the parks done faster

  19. rider Says:

    Something for bikers would be cool,lots of rails and legdes bigger gaps that sourt of stuff.

  20. jim Says:

    i think they should build a skatepark at woodstock over at southeast portland.
    they’ve been planing to make one over the past 4 years but never have. Not a HUGE park but a park where other skaters can skate at, instead of getting kicked out of safeway osomething.

  21. kody Says:

    replica of newberg OR skatepark with scooters allowed and maybe some lights for the night time so we can skate when we really want to and maybe an age limit of 5 and up or maybe even 10 so we dont have little kids that dont have a clue running in front of us and a cover so when it rains

    or the same thing but a replica of skate barn west insted

  22. Snake Says:

    i want to see more parks with mini ramps.

  23. Snake Says:

    build a skatepark at woodstock finally!!!!!!!!!

  24. Tod the Rod Says:

    Get some damn lights in these parks,so we can keep throwin down some gnarly shit all through the night!!!

  25. dawgburt Says:

    make a goddamn covered skatepark. its portland, it shud b a no brainer

  26. dawgburt Says:

    and lights

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  28. Riley Says:

    I would like to see something resembling the Carlsbad Gap. Or maybe you could recreate part of LOVE Park.

  29. Sebastien Says:

    Grass gaps and hips!

  30. Justin Says:

    I would like to see a Snake Run at a new park.

  31. Andrew Bean Says:

    i heard you guys were gonna make a skate park by lane middle school ive bin waiting for a few years and being a local skater we need a few more parks and having a park over in the place i went to school would make the comunity better and get kids out and skating so if you could build it anywhere put it at lane that would be sick as hell so please built one SOON!!!

  32. Gio Fournier Says:


  33. The Truth Says:

    Wow! some of you are real silly. First of all the 40 year old men that you complain about pay for the parks. If you build a plaza, do you think that will stop street skaters from skating private property? The answer is no. When is the last time you saw a video part at a plaza? Thought so. You guys live in Oregon. You don’t want to skate tranny, move east.

  34. Eric Bagai Says:

    Cross-pollinate and combine forces with fire dancers!

    You could get more community support through an alliance with fire dancers and spinners. They need a fireproof concrete parks area too, but they’ll only use it after dark! A skate park would be perfect for them, and right now they have NO PLACE IN PORTLAND to light up. Help the city solve two civic problems at once, and serve two compatible communities with the same facilities.

  35. Kelly Blum Says:

    im feelin the gap to extension, such as the one as tigard. (from the 6ft quarter the bankwall) BUTTERY!

    anything dreamland comes up with is sicker then the flu

  36. Martin Swanson Says:

    Make something very similar to Ed Benedict, but in North and Northeast Portland. Plenty of ledges, stairs, manual pads, banks, gaps, etc. Right now Ed Benedict is where its at but if you live in NoPo its a 30 to 40 minute drive there.

  37. KHOMIKH1 Says:

    I’d like to see a park that has a lot of FLOW to it, and by that I mean functionality without sacrificing a good balance of features – basically not being predominantly transitions, bowls, hp’s – but having like maybe a kidney bowl-spine-square bowl combo with some deck around it –> see a nice example of one my favorite parks in Hayward, CA (bay area) This is one of the best I’ve seen, for not being a loop-de-loop deal with 90% of the park transitions and a poorly placed ledge or rail off to the side. Two other kickass parks are Grass Valley, CA and Fontana, CA, which is THE only loop style park that I even like, due to each of the five portions around the loop are stand alone micro parks – Can I get a What?! What!? form anyone who’s checked these parks out – or even better been there??

  38. KHOMIKH1 Says:

    I’d so trade all 19 of Portland’s parks for this one! =(


    Dreamland take notes!!

    I going going back back to cali cali cali! =)

  39. BeavertonSkater Says:

    I would like to see with stairsets with rails, little tranny like beaverton,some gnar gnar like Tigard and a little recreation of Black Pearls skatepark from the Cayman islands

  40. Russell Bauerlein Says:

    tight walls, and vert walls. more pool coping, done right though. ed’s pool coping didn’t work out so well, the transitions needs to be closer to vert. there’s no need to put pool coping on super mellow stuff. Doorways in trany, or a death box. that would be sick. i know you have to filter through a lot of stupid comments, but portland doesn’t have any public parks with a doorway other than pier in the full pipe, it would be nice to grind over it.

  41. jon Says:

    i would love to skate a recreation of the OG huntington beach park Penny and Templeton used to skate. with the platform and flatbar and pyramid, would be cheaper to make too.

  42. PoolSkater Says:

    I would like to see more vertical and transitional based skateparks. A park similar to santa monica skatepark in cali would be awesome, or a park like newberg here in the city would be great too. We definitely needs more pools to rip that are like actual swimming pools and we could use more bowls with mellow tranny. I would also like to see a large snake run like lincoln city’s or a park with a mix of elements from other oregon skateparks such as: port orford, brookings, astoria, waldport, salem, newport, klamath falls, florence, and seaside.

  43. kea10 Says:

    xgames style parkk

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