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Volunteers trying to build skateparks in Portland

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Helmets are a good idea

I rode without a helmet today. The weather was beautiful so I went to Pier Park. I swept out the big bowl and then went to put on my pads and realized I had left my helmet at home. Since it would have taken me an hour to get home and back, I decided to skate without it. I had a good session.

This evening I came across a sad news story from New Zealand about a kid suffering a fatal head injury after riding a skateboard down a hill. We hear about these once in a while, it happens. A helmet would probably have saved him.

Our condolences to his family. Wear your helmet. Teach your kids to wear their helmets.

3 Responses to “Helmets are a good idea”

  1. Will Jones Says:

    ya a kid at my school hit his head from longboarding and it damaged his brain pretty bad, he isnt dead, paralyzed or retarted (wasnt that serious) but he did miss a lot of school because he couldnt go a full day of school without sleeping, hes doing better now, its been about a month though and he still doesnt go to his first to classes because he still needs the sleep, his personality has changed to, hes a lot quiter

    i always wear a helmet now when i skate, its not worth it to me, plus helmets can prevent concusions which is a big hospital bill

  2. David Davidson Says:

    Why hasn’t there been any progress on ed benedict, put down the grass and plant some trees let’s get this park open already.

  3. Randy Says:

    New Zealand… We ran into a kid at Aumsville whose older brother was in a coma from downhill, no helmet. Now his parents won’t let him skate at all.

    That said, this site doesn’t really seem like the place to be taking on the helmet issue.

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