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Ed Benedict progress – halfpipe

Ed Benedict half-pipe

Lots of cool stuff going in at the Ed Benedict site. Here are a few shots of the half-pipe in the rain. Still not open.

Ed Benedict half-pipe hip
There are hips into the miniramp on three of the corners.

Ed Benedict half-pipe artificial rocks
Artificial rocks seperate the mini from a long bank on the fourth corner.

Ed Benedict half-pipe artificial rocks closer
It’s pretty convincing but does it look like a rock formation that you’d see in Portland?

5 Responses to “Ed Benedict progress – halfpipe”

  1. Kilwag Says:

    Very convincing, considering what they used to look like. Is there any more opening date info you can provide other than “Still not open?”

  2. Zak (a member of ?What? skateteam) Says:

    Cant wait but im tired of waiting. Hurry up please !

  3. chomp Says:

    I had a chance to skate the “halfpipe” part of the park. I’m hoping they put some decks on there, because its just plain dangerous at this point. The fences were still up but there were about 20-25 kids in the park. Still not really open I guess…

  4. tVere Says:

    I can’t seem to find any info about the progress of E.B. anywhere that is more recent than what you have here. Most recent post is 11-20-08, any news about and opening date since then?


  5. SaBinh Says:


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