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Volunteers trying to build skateparks in Portland

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Ed Benedict design


New Line Skateparks presented a design for the Ed Benedict Skate Plaza tonight. Pretty exciting stuff. Click on the images to see them larger. The design features a series of interconnecting paths with a variety of stair, ramp, ledge and gap features with some transition features at the ends including a 60 foot long snaking miniramp. The design is still in it’s early stages and there are details to work out. New Line is open to addtional input. You can also comment on the plaza design on Portland Parks website until 11/30/07. They will pass your comments on to NewLine.


The design is large, the plaza area is 14,000 square feet, with about 3000 square feet of entry/transition elements on each end. This is much larger than the contract originally called for but makes good practical use of the available space and includes green stormwater management features and improvements to the site that will make the park an attractive addition to the neighborhood. It looks like it would also exceed budget for the project which might necessitate either a phased approach or additional funds.

The big black pucks are just placeholders for the Percent for Art component which could be anywhere in the park. Skater Dan Garland has been awarded the commission and showed concepts for skateable art at the meeting.

New Line will consider feedback on the plan and generate a final design which will be considered by California Skateparks who will construct the park and return with a cost estimate.

It would be really great if funds could be found to fully realize this park in a single throw.

12 Responses to “Ed Benedict design”

  1. Kilwag Says:

    That looks interesting for sure. Hard to get an idea from small pics, but very nice. Totally different from anything here now. Should stoke people for sure. I’m surprised at all the tranny. That drainage ditch looks rad. I hope that dark stretch isn’t asphault.

    Looks like a great place to hang out too.

  2. Ben Says:

    Could you describe where that Benedict Skate Plaza would be sited inside the park? Would this replace the existing parking lot or is this either replacing the playing fields on the west end or the green space on the east end?


    p.s. found you via pdxstump.

  3. enemy combatant Says:

    Those “potato chip” transitions at the entrance are really cool.

  4. chompy Says:

    Looks great to me! I hope they get enough money out of the budget for the entryway pipe.

  5. chompy Says:

    Last day To Make a Comment on the Ed Benedict Plaza.

  6. mark.conahan Says:

    Powell Blvd. is at the top of the first picture, if that helps with orientation. If you know the park the skatepark will go at the northwest corner of the park near the sculpture with all the basalt columns.

  7. josh Says:

    dude this is gonna be soo sick!
    i cant wait.
    and when is it gona be done

  8. brandon Says:

    Finally a skatepark literally blocks away from my house 🙂

  9. Arkadiy Says:

    Dude the design is sick! Can’t wait. It’s like 10 min away from my house!

  10. michael Says:

    stoke is good if you go now while the weather is good about 300 skaters come all over the uk to skate there is sick man now the park is all done

  11. yk Says:

    when is it gona start building?

  12. khino Says:

    please dont change it!!!!
    this park looks sick, with a lot of space for a number a runs to go on at once, this is a major difference compared to other parks. the built parks are sick but some have no flow, or only flows in one direction. lets keep the creativeness in portland and put some thought and craziness into our parks. lets try to put new themes and styles. why not!? we don’t have any plaza’s and this design is incredible. im hoping this stays the same. the first instinct is where its at. well good luck, im also wondering when the design for kenton park will be announced?

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