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Volunteers trying to build skateparks in Portland

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Ed Benedict meeting notes

NewLine Ed Benedict concept
A concept sketch from the original proposal. Click to see it larger with inspiration images.

Kyle Dion from New Line Skateparks also sent these notes along.

Here’s a quick summary of the meeting and what’s happening next from our end. Overall I think the public meeting went very well. There was great attendance and some very healthy discussion regarding this park. I believe that there was an overall consensus of the design direction moving forward. Based on the feedback here is a quick summary of the direction we’ll be heading:

  • Due to the natural characteristics of the site the street skating obstacles will be mostly focused on flat ground style obstacles (manual pads, benches, small bank to bench, flat gaps, skateable art, etc) as opposed to stairs and drops. We may try to integrate a minor grade change with a small stair set (3-4 stairs max) if it can happen naturally.
  • The transition elements will likely come in the form of tight tranny planters or art walls in the plaza area as well as some type of pathway connecting to a ‘big o’ style mini ramp/planter on the tight end of the site. It was expressed that everything at this site should appear to fit in and feel natural and not seem ‘forced’. We will do our best to make sure that the transition features mesh well with the overall skate experience and aesthetics of the spot.
  • There was considerable discussion regarding the ‘green’ drainage system and how that could enhance the overall aesthetics and the skat experience. Rod gave us a great tour with some samplings of other green streets initiatives in the city and this gave us lots of good ideas. We look forward to developing what could be among the first ‘green’ skate spots in the world.

The meeting was good and Kyle and Mark Van der Zahn were very articulate and engaging. We’re in good hands.

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  1. brandon Says:

    Tight i cant wait that is within 100 yards form house

  2. chompy Says:

    Hey, the meeting is tonight. I’m not sure if a lot of people are checking here, or even read the comments…

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