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Volunteers trying to build skateparks in Portland

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Gabriel Park latest design

Gabriel3 overview

Here’s the latest iteration of the Gabriel Park skatepark design from AirSpeed Skateparks. Comments? Remember they’ve been asked to build a snake run for this one.

Gabriel Park skatepark design 3 overview

6 Responses to “Gabriel Park latest design”

  1. paul Says:

    Oh man.

    How can I get involved? Who can I talk to about all this? What are the right outlets for this stuff? Please help me out. It is great they where asked to build a snake run. Problem is however all this work that is being done for the city will in I am guessing 4 or 5 years will be buldozed in to make room for new soccer fields. Then, the city will be saying “I told you so”. We must act on this. When is the next city meeting about the park designs.
    I have already talked with a hand full of people that went to Hollyfarm and do not plan on going back. I have even heard a few plans of groups looking to rent warehouses so they can skateboard. How is this possible in a city that is building so many parks. People, lets get together and stop this madness. We must point everyone in a direction that will make 99.999% of the people happy.
    For real, when is the next city meeting?

  2. mark.conahan Says:

    Here is the Portland Parks and Rec Ed Benedict page. The first public meeting is tentatively scheduled for September 13. Parks is working on a location. Check that site periodically for updates.

    I have also heard that the Regional Arts and Culture Council will be funding art for the project and interested artists are encouraged to be involved in the process in the early stages.

  3. jim Says:

    paul – holly farms is a trip. it’s a challenge – you have to decode the park – give it more than one session, it’s super fun. plenty of people were ripping it when I was there. I rolled up and said what the hell, but after a few hours it was super fun. Pier is really straightforward, same w/ glenhaven…open your mind…

  4. Jordan Says:

    Why is every new park being built just bowls???? I bet the majority of skaters out there would prefer a street course. I know for damn sure thats what I want. Especially in a place like Gabriel park. I live a couple blocks away from the the park. Really the only place for people to skate around here that’s free, although its not an official park, is the Multnomah art center and its not allowed. Then there is holly farm now which from what I’ve seen blows. Holly farm has covered the need for shitty bowls. Lets not make another mistake of a park with such a great spot like gabriel park. WE NEED A STREET COURSE. I am 100% positive that a street course will get a better reaction from local skaters. I’d say 90% of first time skaters start out in the street not bowls and thats where most of skating goes down, in the street. A street course will get used so much more because it caters to almost everyone. Where as parks with just bowls only cater to bowl skaters. Bowl skaters already have a decent amount of spots to hit up. Not to mention the fact that a street course will bring in a good amount of kids who are skating in the parking lots of private businesses and downtown. Meaning less damge being done to property.

  5. mark.conahan Says:

    99% of the people who show up for the meetings have been supportive of the designs. If you don’t go to the meetings, your voice is not heard. Check the usual places for updates. Portland Parks and Rec website, Skate and Annoy, skateportland.org.

    Show up or shut up.

  6. Jesse Says:

    I’d be glad for any kind of skatepark to be built at Gabriel Park, but I agree with Jordan. A street park would get much, much more use from the local skaters. The Holly Farm park is really fun, even for skaters who enjoy street, but Portland really needs more street-oriented parks. Even Pier park is now mostly bowls and vert, the only decent place to go (besides places you get kicked off at) is the Department of Skateboarding, which is spendy if you go there often enough. I also live within 2 or 3 blocks of Gabriel Park and I speak for a whole bunch of skaters who live around me.

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