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Volunteers trying to build skateparks in Portland

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Skaters for Portland Skateparks mission is to create a comprehensive system of world-class public skateparks in Portland, Oregon.

Our vision is to make skateboarding safe and freely accessible to every skateboarder every day for everybody’s benefit.

Skaters for Portland Skateparks is a non-profit corporation, tax exempt pursuant to 501(c)(3) of the IRS code.

Board of Directors:
Mark Conahan, Treasurer
Tom Miller, Chair
Sarah Burgess, Vice-Chair

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Helmets are a good idea

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

I rode without a helmet today. The weather was beautiful so I went to Pier Park. I swept out the big bowl and then went to put on my pads and realized I had left my helmet at home. Since it would have taken me an hour to get home and back, I decided to skate without it. I had a good session.

This evening I came across a sad news story from New Zealand about a kid suffering a fatal head injury after riding a skateboard down a hill. We hear about these once in a while, it happens. A helmet would probably have saved him.

Our condolences to his family. Wear your helmet. Teach your kids to wear their helmets.