Volunteers trying to build skateparks in Portland

Volunteers trying to build skateparks in Portland

We are trying to create a comprehensive system of world-class public skateparks in Portland, Oregon.

Our vision is to make skateboarding safe and freely accessible to every skateboarder every day for everybody’s benefit.

Powell Park Skatespot Benefit

April 3rd, 2013


Come out on the 16th and support The Powell Blvd. Skate Spot. We have a ton of project donated by various vendors which will be for sale!!

Latest Portland Skatepark News

February 1st, 2013


The Powell Street Project and the Brooklyn Street Skate Spot both have Facebook pages. Follow them to keep up with the latest developments. You can donate to either project by clicking on the buttons at the left.

EPM Fernhill Benefit closing party

October 25th, 2012


This Saturday, October 27, 2012 from 4-6 p.m. is your last chance to see the photos all hung together at Extracto Coffeehouse, 2921 NE KIllingsworth St. and pick up one of the prints for your collection. Sales to benefit the Fernhill skatepark effort. Thanks to Rich Burton and Earth Patrol Media for this fundraising effort. For more details and thumbnails of the images, check Earth Patrol Media.

Daddies Board Shop BSSS fundraiser results

October 17th, 2012

Thanks to Daddies Board Shop and their patrons for raising $1453.50 for The Brooklyn Street Skatespot.

Pier Park and Glenhaven Skatepark Ts

October 17th, 2012


We passed the 6th Anniversary of the reopening of Pier Park Skatepark on October 14, 2012. The Pier Park and Glenhaven skatepark opening day t-shirt designs are available through Cafe Press. $5 of the purchase price will go to support Skaters for Portland Skateparks.

Fundraising for Fernhill, Brooklyn Street and Powell

October 5th, 2012


Rich Burton is showing his skateboard photography at Extracto on NE Killingsworth in October with sales of the photos are a fundraiser for the proposed Fernhill skatepark.

We’ve had a good stream of donations come in to support the Brooklyn Street Skate Spot, a few for Powell and a $1000 donation toward the Fernhill project. Thanks everyone! These are all grass roots efforts. Thanks to the success of the Brooklyn Street project, the Powell site scheduled to become the first community-led skatepark effort in cooperation with Parks and Rec.

Brooklyn Street Skate Spot matching grant

June 20th, 2012

brooklynfundsmallDaddies Board Shop will double your donation to Brooklyn Street Skate Spot. Drop by the shop and donate a few bucks.

Portland Skatepark Plan – Powell Park Meeting

March 16th, 2012

It would be great for Powell Park neighborhood skaters to attend this meeting and provide positive input and serve as ambassadors to the community. We may have new neighbors to the site since the last series of skatepark meetings several years ago so it would be useful to make a good impression, but the event is not to show support for the project since it will happen no matter what, it’s mainly a forum for those who are not familiar with the project to voice their concerns.

Portland Parks and Recreation is hosting an open house for a skatespot in Powell Park on Thursday, April 5 from 6-7:30 p.m. in the Cleveland High School Library (3400 SE 26th Ave). The open house will provide information on the project, proposed timeline, fundraising goals, and give the community a chance to make their interest, support, ideas, and concerns heard.

Background information:
In 2005, the Portland City Council directed Portland Parks & Recreation to create a comprehensive citywide skatepark system. In 2008, the Skatepark System Plan, a culmination of more than 18 months of work, 35 public meetings, and an analysis of more than 350 publically and privately-owned potential sites, was created.

Recommended sites included:
â–ª 13 Skatespots
â–ª 5 District Skateparks
â–ª 1 Regional Skatepark

Powell Park was identified as a location for a skatespot. We are inviting the public to hear more about the project timeline and a unique public/private partnership that will allow us to take steps toward implementing our Skatepark System Plan.

For more information call 503-823-5113.

Donate to skateboarding 2011

December 22nd, 2011

Hey one-percenters! If you need to donate some money before the end of the year, consider giving it to one of these fine organizations supporting skateboarders by promoting skateparks and skateboarding. Follow the links below and click on their donate button. You can give the government everything you owe, or you can direct a portion of what you owe to your favorite skate advocacy organization and reap the tax benefits. You might also check if your employer has a gift matching program.

Skaters for Portland Skateparks advocates for free public skateparks in Portland, Oregon. The folks who brought you Pier Park skatepark and Portland’s 19 skatepark plan.

Tony Hawk Foundation supports recreational programs with a focus on the creation of public skateboard parks in low-income communities through special events, grants, and technical assistance.

Burnside Skatepark is registered as a 501C3 nonprofit organization. Help out the grandaddy of DIY skateparks click the donate button.

Benton County Skateboarding Alliance partnering with all levels of the community and governmental agencies to provide safe, clean and respectful environments for skateboarding in Benton County (Corvallis), Oregon.

Grind for Life provides financial assistance to cancer patients and their families when traveling long distances to doctors and hospitals. In addition, they educate and inspire these patients and families concerning cancer survival and recovery.

Skatistan is a co-educational skateboarding school in Afghanistan engaging urban and internally-displaced youth in Afghanistan through skateboarding, and provides them with new opportunities in cross-cultural interaction, education, and personal empowerment programs.

Skaters for Public Skateparks provides a forum for sharing techniques, materials, data, and principles to advocates for public skateparks.

Marginal Way Skatepark is a skater-built skatepark project in Seattle Washington.

Above Coping is dedicated to providing support and new experiences for youth skateboarders with chronic health conditions; inspiring them to thrive, not just survive.

Board Rescue Provides skateboards and safety equipment to organizations working with underprivileged and/or at-risk youth.

The mission of The Ian Tilmann Foundation is prevention of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) with a focus on Skateboarding. Provides helmets to skaters.

What’s up?

September 29th, 2011

I got a note wondering what was going on with Skaters for Portland Skateparks since the site has not been updated in a while. We have been on something of a hiatus since public funding has dried up.

SPS has received some private donations, which we have banked and will use as an appropriate project appears. thank you donors.

Skaters around town have been working to get things rolling at the Fernhill, Kenton, Powell and Woodstock sites. We are planning to set up donation buttons that will be linked to each of these efforts as soon as we can work out how that will work: do they have a definite plan/schedule, etc. There is some talk about these projects going forwards as officially sanctioned but skater led private efforts, more news on that as it comes in.

We have also had queries about raising money to cover one of our skateparks, more news on that as we get it.